5 Ways My Rescue Dogs Rescue me Right Back

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Sometimes I think people think I’m nuts when I talk about my rescue dogs. I gush about them like they are my family. However, if you know, you know. My rescue dogs rescue me right back on a daily basis. Being a pet parent is challenging, but worth the rewards a thousand times over.

5 Ways My Rescue Dogs Rescue me Right Back - Who rescued Whom?

I need to be honest here. My pet past is not impressive. When I was younger, I went through an exotic animal phase. I was young, impulsive, and attracted to everything unique. I had a few jobs where I made enough money to splurge like this. As much as I truly did love animals, I was not ready for the responsibility. Thankfully, my Gram is a natural caretaker, and all living things gravitate toward her. She ended up taking extraordinary care of all of my animals. It doesn’t stop the self-loathing I have from those years. I don’t recommend getting pets until you are mature and settled.

5 Ways My Rescue Dogs Rescue me Right Back

Bring us to the present day where all I want to do is care for my rescue dogs. My lifestyle is ideal for pets. They love that I am home all the time, and always around to spoil the heck out of them. We have three dogs, and two of them are rescues. Moving forward, all of our dogs will be rescues. Knowing you make a difference in an animal’s life is the first reward of many to come.

5 Ways My Rescue Dogs Rescue me Right Back

5 Ways My Rescue Dogs Rescue Me Right Back

  1. Mental – I have a nice batch of mental issues, the most debilitating being my anxiety. The Grump senses my emotions and curls up next to me at just the right times. Franklin, however, has his own issues with anxiety. I think he’s in the perfect place with us since I can empathize with him. Since I know what it’s like, I do my best to help him without pushing him too far. As part of our morning ritual, The Grump likes to be held on my lap like a baby. I have yet to get this on video, but it’s a goal. I tell him what an amazing boy he is, and it’s just such a peaceful, heart-warming way to start the day. It’s also quite comical to my husband!
  2. Activity – Yes, most dogs will lounge around all day without any problem. But, they have their moments where they need to expel some energy. Going for walks or simply playing around the house makes us all more active. Seeing them “smile” when we go for walks motivates me to do it more often. 5 Ways My Rescue Dogs Rescue me Right Back - Smily Grump
  3. Humor – Mike and I crack up on a daily basis because of our dogs. They each have such hilarious little quirks and individual personalities. It’s gotten to the point where we all understand each other in our own language.
  4. Purpose – My dogs give me a sense of purpose. I have a deep need to help animals. I know there are a ton of problems in this world, but my pull is always toward the animals. My ultimate goal is to run a rescue group of my own one day.
  5. Family – We haven’t created any human children, but our dogs make us feel like a family. I know it’s not your average family, but it works for us. The five of us curled up on the couch is my happy place. There’s no place I’d rather be.

My rescue dogs fill my heart with love and joy. It’s not all cuddles and playtime, though. Of course, caring for pets is a lot of work. But, it’s so worth it. Rescuing can be a two-way street. Helping animals in need can help you right back.

5 Ways My Rescue Dogs Rescue me Right Back - LOL We are still working with the leash

Please consider adoption if you plan to add a pet to your family. Petfinder makes it easy to help you find a wonderful pet companion.

Petfinder #MetOnPetfinder 20th Anniversary Celebration

Here’s an easy way that you can help Petfinder right now. Petfinder’s goal for their anniversary was to reach 1.25 million views on this video. They just reached this goal and are donating $250,000 benefitting 25 shelters and rescue members to continue to transform the life of pets. Please help raise awareness by continuing to watch and share this video. If you’re considering adding a pet to your family, you can go to Petfinder to search the more than 300,000 adoptable pets that are available.

My rescue dogs are my world. Please share your rescue story using the hashtag #MetOnPetfinder and leave comments below. I’d love to read your stories!

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  1. Lissa Crane says:

    Well said! Love this!

  2. ellen beck says:

    My motto has always been adopt dont shop. My latest dog Odin as a ,matter of fact was found via Petfinder. I had a dog previously who had passed away at the age of 17. It was ‘time’ to get another dog. I picked Odin, and the reasoning is he was older (at 4) he is a black dog, and he sounded like he would fit.
    I actually do cat rescue spaying/neutering and socializing feral kittens. Odin was supposed to like cats- he didnt . Not at all. It took many months working with him, for a bit I thought we wouldnt make it but we did.
    He is 15 now, a funny old guy……. but he is right by my side all the time and we love him. #MetOnPetfinder

  3. This is such a sweet post, I agree that rescue dogs really do rescue us back. I love these photos, so precious!

  4. First off, your photos are amazing. You’ve really captured the spirit of your dogs in these pictures. I love that your dogs make you be more active. I know a dog would make me get outside more often!

    1. Thank you so much! Not going to lie, we had to take about 300 pics to get any good ones! LOL Yes, having dogs makes it fun to be more active too. <3

  5. I love this!! It is so true how much your pet can change you and save you in ways you never imagined.

  6. This is so true, you reasuce them, but really they rescue you too. I love my rescue dogs more than anything!

  7. We love all our animals. They are definitely part of the family. They do keep us active and make our lives better.

  8. Sharon Rooney says:

    I totally agree. I too am a rescue puppy and cat owner.
    So many of these animals need good loving homes and bring such unconditional love and joy to you and the family.

  9. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    It is so important to help animals at a shelter. We need to rescue more of them and show them love . They return it 10 fold.

  10. I love dogs! This is such a wonderful, happy post! I can’t wait to get a dog. Right now my apartment is too small, but very soon I will rescue a pup!

  11. Sandy Weinstein says:

    our 4 legged kids are true family members. love that you rescue. .

  12. Tina Harris says:

    Very well said. I often say I’ll get rid of my hubs before I’d get rid of my babies. I’ve had dogs my entire life and they are like my children I love them, they ARE part of my family.

  13. We have two rescue dogs and one rescue cat, and they are amazing. Rescues are special. They know. As I was reading your post, I found myself nodding with each of the reasons you’ve listed for them rescuing you back. You are so right! (Oh, and the smiles on your dogs’ faces tell the whole story.)

  14. Karen Glatt says:

    I love this post! It is so true that rescue dogs really help us with so many things and make such good companion dogs. I have rescued so many dogs and love every one of them!

  15. shannon fowler says:

    Such a great post! I agree so much about them rescuing me right back I rescued a cat right before I started my PhD program, and she has moved all over the country with me. She always was there to cuddle when things were tough. In 2015 I went through trauma, and shortly after we rescued a pomeranian chihuahua. I would not have gotten through that without the little guy. He is always there to cuddle when Im sad, and he is so silly too.

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