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Pollen Count Got You Down? Try Rootology

If you’re anything like me, you live your life by the pollen count, because as any allergy sufferer knows, the pollen count is a cruel, hateful, flower scented beast. It will grip your head in its pastel colored claws and squeeze it until you think its going to pop. Ahh… Summer. Blech. That’s how I used to feel, until I tried Rootology’s all natural herbal supplement, Breathe Free.

Pollen Count – Summer’s Beautiful Beast

Pollen Count + Cat = :(

Surviving Summer. If only it were as easy as that stupid cat thinks it is. Unfortunately, it isn’t. The pollen count is an insidious beast. It hides in the form of beautiful flowers, majestic trees, and beautiful grasses waving in the breeze, then it comes at you out of nowhere and sucker punches you right in the face. I mean, come on. It’s pollen. You can wear a mask everywhere you go if you really want to be the cause of mothers hurrying their crying babies away from you because God knows what they might catch from you. You can use saline nasal sprays, but all they do is moisten your nasal passages. That’s helpful for about five minutes.

So what can we, the pollen count plagued, the long suffering snot factories do about this? I’ll tell you.

Pounding the Pollen Count

Pollen Count Down for the Count!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Breathe Free by Rootology. It’s an herbal pollen count pile driver. This stuff is great. The website says you’ll feel results in minutes. I didn’t feel it quite that quickly, but that could be because I have allergies and asthma. The two feed each off of each other, and it gets pretty gnarly. The fact that Breathe Free helped me at all amazed me. While I didn’t feel its effects in minutes, I did feel the effects. Within a few hours, my eyes began to feel less like ancient, sun cracked super balls and more like actual eye balls. After two days, I began to notice a marked decrease in the swelling of my nasal passages. That was the greatest benefit for me. With my asthma, swollen nasal passages only serve to make everything that much more difficult, so having a clear head was wonderful. Breathe Free also helped my swollen, scratchy throat from my chronic post nasal drip. It’s awesome stuff.

Pollen Count? Pfft.

Pollen Count? Pfft.

Now that I have Breathe Free from Rootology, the pollen count doesn’t get me down. Don’t get me wrong. This stuff is great, but it’s not a cure-all. I just want that to be known right now. Nothing is a cure-all because nothing can magically poof the pollen count out of existence. What Breathe Free can do, however, is make life enjoyable again. It eases the uncomfortable-sometimes unbearable-and downright gross symptoms caused by Spring and Summer. So, while its not magic pill, its certainly a potent one.

The Brass Tacks

Breathe Free from Rootology is great stuff. It really works, which we all know can’t be said for everything. I’m all about honesty in my posts, so I always let my readers in on what’s good and what’s bad about any product I review. I have to say, there’s nothing negative about this product. It helped me, and there were absolutely zero side effects. It’s just great.

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Jasmine P

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

I would love to win this because my allergies are pretty bad!

Cathy Burnett

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

I have always had allergies and I would really like to try this product.

Jenine Tujo

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

I'm always looking for something to help with my allergy symptoms. This time of year no combination of antihistamine and nasal sprays seems to be enough!

Lily Kwan

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

I would like to win because this looks very useful!

Lauren E.

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

Ive just started developing allergies in the last couple years. I would hope this could provide relief