Walking Through Central Park in New York

Walking through Central Park in New York was one of the highlights of our BlogHer trip. At first we didn’t think we had left any time in our schedule to allow for sightseeing at all, but luckily we did. Seeing Central Park and its beauty forever changed my outlook on New York City! (Mine too! :D)

This was our first trip to New York, so I really didn’t know what to expect. Sure, you see it in the movies, and hear things from people, but I like to keep an open mind. Honestly, I had no clue at all how huge and breathtaking Central Park really was!

Walking Through Central Park in New York

Shelley and I met Linette from Kid’s Fun Reviewed and we all decided to walk on over to check out Central Park. Those two were definitely the photographers of the group! They both know how to capture the perfect angles and had better cameras than me, but I still think I got some great ones.

central park new york

There were gorgeous statues, lush plants and landscaping, and just so many sights to take in. Being in the park felt like we were miles away from the City, and yet we were just minutes away!

central park new york

That water fountain was beautiful and I was tempted to jump in it. It was a really hot day.

central park bubbles

We just thought this was the coolest thing. This man literally had a big bucket of dish soap, a rope and two sticks. He was creating these ginormous bubbles and it was so much fun!


My Turn!

Shelley here… I agree with everything Jen said but have to add some of my own pics and tell you that Central Park just blew me away.

The first thing I noticed and found very entertaining were all the people exhibiting iguana-like behavior…

Central Park Iguana-like behavior

Citizens of New York were splattered out all over these massive rocks found throughout Central Park. On a warm day like this one, the rocks are actually quite therapeutic. πŸ™‚

We seriously couldn’t have had a more beautiful day to experience the park. It was just perfection.

Pretty Cental Park Path
Gorgeous day in New York

The landscaping is phenomenal in the park. Everything is so well-cared for and clean!

beautiful Central Park garden

To me, this was just the coolest thing! (Yes, I’m an enormous nerd.) An entire building dedicated to chess and checkers?! I LOVE IT!

House of checkers and chess

Okay, in between people watching in the park, which can be an all-consuming hobby, I found these adorable creatures…

adorable creatures of Central Park

Is that not the cutest little ladybug you’ve ever seen!?

And these turtles were so fun to watch! Jen and I thought for sure that kid was going to take a swim…

turtles in the park

This is quite possibly my favorite pic…

favorite bridge

There are tons of magnificent bridges in the park. Each one (that’s not over water) seems to have some fantastic talent underneath it. Like musical trolls… The bridges provide excellent acoustic sound effects for all sorts of musicians. They add such wonderful culture to the park. I wonder if they have an agreement to share bridges or switch off days?

Underwater duck

The day kept getting hotter. We were totally envious of all the fun this duck was having!

At the BlogHer12 Expo Hall, we came across a booth for Britely… I’ve created my first Brite to share the rest of my photos with you! I love this free photo-sharing program! You can easily flip through the photos without having to reload the entire page!

Yeah… there is a castle in Central Park! Who knew? Probably everyone, but me… :/

After our long walk through only a small portion of Central Park (I had no idea it was so HUGE), we stopped for pizza. Being from Chicago, we felt a bit disloyal for loving it so much!

Yummy New York pizza

Huge thanks to our sponsors for helping us get there – RewardIt.com, HoleTheBook.com, MyHairChalk.com and GentleBim.com

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  1. You have some beautiful images here! I love Central Park, but on my most recent trip to NYC did not have time to really enjoy it. Now I am really wishing I had made the time.

  2. I grew up an hour outside of NYC and it will always be one of my all time favorite places to go. Wish I had been at BlogHer! Glad you had so much fun there!

  3. I haven’t been to NY or Central Park yet, but your beautiful photos have certainly made me want to even more!

  4. Wow, i had no idea that central park was that big or that gorgeous! i always thought it was just this tiny block in the middle of the city and was full of trash and junk stuff. I’m so glad to be wrong! πŸ™‚

    1. That’s what I thought too! I was thinking it was something similar to Chicago’s Millennium park which is just a few blocks… Central park goes on for miles! It’s definitely a must see!

  5. Oh man, I’m SO jealous! Back when I went, I only had like an hour to check out the outskirts of the park and that was a complete accident because I decided to take a walk and sight see for an hour or so before I left.

    I never got to see the beautiful entirety of the park itself! Maybe next time? πŸ™‚

    Until then, these gorgeous pictures will have to satiate my wanderlust!

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