Old Navy Bikinis Thanks to CrowdTap

Thanks to Old Navy and CrowdTap, my cousin and I were able to try all their new suits and bikinis and keep our favorite! Old Navy bikinis are affordable and cute to stock up on for summer.

Old Navy Bikinis

Devan and I headed to the nearest Old Navy (not the one I usually go to) and were very pleased with the enormous selection of bathing suits. We grabbed all that we could carry and headed to the dressing room.

Being that this is a co-ed fitting room, we felt a bit awkward taking photos out in the open. But we really wanted to get decent pics so we asked an associate if she could help us out. We explained that this was for an online review promotion but she seemed extremely annoyed and refused to help. Maybe she was just having a really lousy day or hates her job. Either way, I still love Old Navy and Devan and I were not going to let the cranky lady ruin our fun. But, unfortunately, our pics didn’t turn out as planned because we had to take them ourselves… so they are a bit “d-bag-ish” if you know what I mean. :/

Devan didn’t end up getting this one-piece orange number, but I thought she looked so freaking cute. Classic.

one piece swimsuit

Okay, so this is what I mean by our pics turned out, well, just freaking awful. I swear, I’m not checking out my cousin’s derriere. LOL

But doesn’t she look just adorable in that crochet-eyelet two piece! (below on the left) She ended up taking that one home. 🙂

Terrible Photography

I love the color of this blue bikini (below/right), but some areas were very lumpy, like the lining just wasn’t right… So, I ended up getting a mix and match. I went with the plain black string bikini top and crocheted bottoms (below/left).

Old Navy Swimwear

We, of course, had to peruse the accessories and both fell in love with these airy gauze pants! We both ended up getting them in black.

Old Navy Bikinis

Thank you Old Navy and CrowdTap for this opportunity!

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  1. Aw, totally jealous! I haven’t been swimsuit shopping in a few years unless you count the one that I won last year. LOL

    I think you both look super cute in them all! I do agree with that white crocheted one for your cousin and the mix and match for you 🙂

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