Athletic Wear for Women, Men, and Teens

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When shopping for athletic wear for women, men, or anyone in the family, I start and end at The Onzie.

They use the best materials and have the cutest styles of all.

With their always-updating pattern list and phenomenal design team, they’ve always got our new favorite workout apparel.

Plus, nothing fits better. It’s like putting on a second set of skin.

We received two outfits to facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions shared here are our own.

Athletic Wear for Women, Men and Teens from The Onzie

Shop The Onzie Styles Now!

Athletic Wear for Women, Men, and Teens from The Onzie

The Onzie brand of athletic wear is of quality so high that you can wear it almost anywhere.

I love wearing my workout gear throughout the day because it makes me feel like I can do anything physically.

It also encourages me to squeeze in more physical activity than I would if I were in more confining clothes.

I find myself able to fit in a quick run, some extra squats, and/or more ridiculous dancing.

When I was doing Bikram hot yoga regularly, I was literally living in clothes from The Onzie.

Not much has changed, except that now my teenage kids are also obsessed.

Adam, aka The Boop, loves his yoga pants for men and wears them for just about any occasion.

Athletic Wear for Women, Men and Teens from The Onzie

Yoga Apparel for Men

Boop chose the Taped Tee and the O Sweat Shorts.

This outfit not only looks stylish and fits well, but allows him to be as active as he wants–which is always something extreme. 

As a fifteen-year-old dude, looks are paramount. But, so is athletic performance.

The Onzie provides the best of both.

Athletic Wear for Women, Men and Teens from The Onzie

Workout Apparel for Women

My daughter, Chesney, is twelve but we’re already wearing the same size clothes.

She chose an outfit that we’re sure to fight over.

The Long X Back Top and High-Rise Stirrup Leggings.

Athletic Wear for Women, Men and Teens from The Onzie

These get all the same feedback as The Boop’s choices.

The material is noteworthy though.

The waffle-type material of the top is really neat.

It provides just the right amount of support but also wicks away sweat.

Athletic Wear for Women, Men and Teens from The Onzie

The mesh sides on the leggings also allow for airflow while ninja-ing through the woods.

We both love the stirrups because it keeps the pants perfectly in place during any spaztastic activities.

Trust me; we tested this thoroughly.

No matter your workout routine, The Onzie has you covered.

Shop their stylish selections for athletic wear for women, men, and teens now!

What are your favorite patterns from The Onzie?

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  1. First off, great photos of your kids in action! I like the look of these clothes. great for all of us to spend quality time together as we get healthy!

  2. I love these clothes. I love how they aren’t only just for girls but boys too! I need to get some of these outfits for my kids.

  3. i love these outfits for the whole family t wear . i love the look of airy clothes for summertime to keep us in shape.

  4. This is really beautiful activewear! I really like the classy styles and colors. I will have to check out the Onzie site!

  5. Your kids look great, ready for anything. I love the top of your son and the mesh on the leggings of your daughter is a great idea for keeping cool. Great choices!

  6. Those pants are cute!!! Love the mesh sides, although I don’t think I could wear those to the grocery store. Lol. Thanks for the review, I’d never heard of Onzie before I saw it on your page.

  7. Your kids are the coolest! 😉 My son would LOVE that Taped Tee. His birthday is totally coming up, I’m definitely adding this to my list.

  8. I really like the designs not just the pattern but the cut outs for example the Weave Bra – Summer Ros

  9. I never heard of The Onzie brand of athletic wear. I like the clothing in the photos and I can tell they are well made too.

  10. My workout clothes are definitely starting to show their age. I will have to check these out!

  11. I have never had any clothes from the Onzie, but I do admire the clothing your children were wearing. I can understand why people choose this brand.

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