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Why Do I Need Glasses?

After having Lasik eye surgery several years ago, I still have 20/20 vision. I’m so lucky, right! So, why do I need glasses?

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Well, working on a computer all day has been hard on my eyes. Harder than I even realize. All that blue-violet light is not good for our eyes.

Wearing glasses that filter it out helps protect our precious eyeballs.

20/20 Vision? Why Do I Need Glasses?

Why Do I Need Glasses with 20/20 Vision?

Work, for me, consists of staring at a screen–laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, just pick one–for hours on end.

I swear some days I don’t even blink. Between the dry eye and strain, I put my eyes through, I never began to think about blue-violet light.

20/20 Vision? Why Do I Need Glasses?

The blue light emitted by our screens is more than that of the sun.

Paired with how close we sit to the screen, this has eye doctors concerned about possible long-term side effects.

When it comes to my eye health and vision, I’d rather be safe than sorry. So, I headed over to to pick out some frames.

20/20 Vision? Why Do I Need Glasses?

Shopping for Glasses Online – Eye Buy Direct

You might think glasses are something you have to try on. I completely agree. But that doesn’t mean you have to physically go to a store.

With EyeBuyDirect’s “try on” feature, you can see what the frames will look like on your face by uploading a picture of yourself. It’s so easy!

You don’t even have to take a new photo if you have some available on Facebook. It took me under a minute to find and upload a photo.

20/20 Vision? Why Do I Need Glasses?

From there, shopping for frames is fun. You can compare each side by side until you find the perfect set for your face and style.

For even more accuracy, you can measure the distance between your eyes using their easy to follow instructions.

20/20 Vision? Why Do I Need Glasses?

The frames are super affordable and excellent quality. I went with the blue-light-filtering lenses, but if you have a prescription, you can order that easily as well.

I feel so much better knowing I’m doing what I can to protect my eyes.