9 Ways to Haggle for Laptops

Laptops are more affordable than ever, but that shouldn’t keep you from getting an even better deal… In most cases, stores have some leeway if they want to give you a discount.

The trick is making them want to drop that price as if it were Black Friday…

Here are nine ways to make it happen:


Ways to haggle for laptops

1. Develop a Rapport First

Spend a few minutes getting to know your salesperson before transitioning into full-haggling mode.

A good salesperson is a people person. Use this to your advantage to find some common ground.

Although this sounds like it could take all day, mixing it in casually with questions about the laptop you’re interested in can make it go faster.

2. Always Be Polite and Calm

No one wants to deal with anyone who’s rude, aggressive, or pushy.

To make the transaction more pleasant for everyone, be polite and calm throughout the negotiation process.

If you’re likable, a discount will be much more likely.

3. Let them Know You’re Serious About the Purchase

Make it clear that you’re serious about buying the laptop in question.

Salespeople are confronted with browsers all day long.

If they know you’re actually going to buy a new computer from someone in some store in the near future, they’ll start considering the options before you even start haggling.

4. Be Ready to Buy – And Ready to Walk Away

Make it clear that you’re ready to buy the laptop today, but your life doesn’t depend on it.

If you’re not ready to walk right out the door if they can’t meet your price, you’ll never get a good bargain.

However, walking out the door should merely be your final, but unstated, option; never try to use it as a threat to close the deal.

5. Pay Cash or Be Finance Ready

The worst thing you can do is strike the deal of a lifetime on the laptop of your dreams and not be able to pay for it.

Although many stores can arrange financing, you don’t want to depend on this option.

Plus, cash could get you an extra discount because the store doesn’t have to pay the three to four percent credit-card fees.

6. Pick the Right Time to Haggle

If you time your shopping trip according to the store’s need to boost their sales numbers, you have a great chance of getting an awesome deal on a new laptop.

Here are the best times to put your haggling skills to good use:

  • End of Month: On the last day of the month, your sale could mean the difference between a big bonus and a big, fat zero to the store manager. At this point, he might have a personal stake in making this specific sale.
  • Sale Days: Call it a day if you manage to snag a below-cost laptop on Black Friday, but put your haggling skills to good use if you miss out. Many stores are anxious to move their balance sheets from red to black on this day.
  • Pending Bankruptcies: If you get wind that the store is in financial trouble, this could be the best time of all to haggle.

7. Have a Reason for the Deal

Always have a reason or two to haggle when buying a new laptop.

Here are a few reasons that could earn you a deep discount:

  • Is it an older model?
  • Is it missing any popular features?
  • Is it a display model?
  • Is it an unpopular brand?
  • Have there been any recalls or consumer complaints?
  • What does it sell for elsewhere?
  • Are you a frequent customer?
  • Are you making another big purchase?

8. A Deal Could Mean Paying Full Price

The store may not be able to cut the price by even a penny, but this doesn’t mean you can’t haggle your way into a different kind of deal.

If you can’t negotiate an outright discount, ask for a free extended warranty, a laptop bag, an extra battery, or even a printer.

This could add up to a big savings if you were going to buy these items anyway.

9. If the Answer is No, Leave Your Contact Info

If the deal just doesn’t work out, politely thank the salesperson for their time and leave your contact information.

Let them know you might be interested if anything changes.

Haggling doesn’t have to be embarrassing or confrontational. With these tips, you can get a great deal and enjoy the experience!

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