How to Have the Best Bathroom Hygiene

Hygiene in every area is very important, but in the bathroom? I would say that should rank pretty high on your clean-o-meter. I have partnered with Cottonelle to discuss this slightly awkward topic. So, get on board and #LetsTalkBums! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.

bathroom hygiene

Best Bathroom Hygiene

Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths are not new to me. I have been using them for quite some time. Since I am plagued with frequent UTI’s, I have always had to maintain the absolute best cleansing routine in that area. I can remember a friend questioning why I had them in my bathroom a long time ago. They asked in a condescending way like, “Why do you have wipes in your bathroom?”. I replied with the same tone, “Why don’t you?”. Sorry, but since when is it uncool to be clean?!


I am really not sure why anyone would be uncomfortable with moist wipes, except for the fact that the word moist skeeves me out. Other than that, it’s the easiest way to clean up in the bathroom. Since most people in the US don’t have bidets installed in their homes, the wipes are the most practical choice.

cottonelle fresh wipes

The new canister that the wipes come in is sleek and more attractive. It now looks less like a baby wipes container and more attractive to fit in with any bathroom decor. We have one in both bathrooms and they are very convenient.

Did your parents ever give you the wise advice of always wearing clean underwear in case you are in an accident and need to be undressed by medical professionals?

Well, not only do I do that, but I also feel fresh and clean because of my clean routine. Using the combination of Cottonelle Toilet Paper and Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths, I feel fresh all day. Bring on the hot paramedics! Okay… too far… just kidding.

What’s your bathroom hygiene clean routine? Don’t be shy! Go chat about it on the Cottonelle Facebook page.

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  1. I love that they are making wipes for adults now. I always used my daughters and I am not ashamed! LOL. 🙂

  2. How cute, let’s talk bums , love it. Here is a bit of getting personal for ya… I use so much toilet paper that it is ridiculous because I will not leave the bathroom feeling anything but squeaky clean. These wipes sound perfect to cut down on all that TP !

  3. I’ve never had wipes in the bathroom – until having kids! – but we recently got some of these from Cottonelle, too!

  4. Lol at the conversation with your friend about wipe! I love that new canister, gonna have to pick me up one! So.. on the note of being honest.. with my son playing football now. I have been “going” in a lot of ‘portable” potties. NOT cool! Do they have these in travel packs yet?

  5. I keep these wipes in the car. Not only do they work well in case when we eat on the go, they are there if we have to stop by a bathroom that has not TP. Yuck!

  6. I love the canister. Very inconspicuous and definitely all the more incentive to keep wipes in there. I definitely prefer the wipes over the rolls 🙂

  7. I want a canister of these wipes! They sound like they will make my job as a mom easier. I’d like to reduce the skid marks that I find in my little one’s underwear so sending these to school with him where he wipes his own bum sounds like a good idea.

  8. seriously- when did it become uncool to be unclean?! people need to stop being so shy. we talk about our periods and stuff, why not bathroom?


  9. I feel the same way about that word! I wish someone would come up with an alternative!!!! Anyhow, I like these things because seriously, doesn’t everyone want to be the cleanest possible?

  10. I have wanted to try these wipes in the bathroom and now I’m going to. One of my grandsons has a problem keeping himself clean in that area, so these will be a good buy for him too.

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