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Living Proof Hair Products are Available at Ulta

My hair is limp, fine, and taking a lot of abuse from my desperate attempts to give it some body. I’m so excited to report that Living Proof hair products are available at Ulta. This Timeless Collection has given my hair a whole new life.

This post was sponsored by Ulta as part of a Blog Blast Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Living Proof Hair Products.

Living Proof Hair Products – Timeless Collection

First, you should know where to get this magical hair youth potion. The Living Proof Timeless Collection is available ONLY at Ulta Beauty.

Scientifically proven to combat and reverse the internal and external signs of aging for beautiful, healthy hair at any age.

I’m turning 32 in just a couple months. I’m not complaining, but I’m definitely more age-aware than I ever have been in the past.

That said, I’m trying to preserve the youthfulness that I have left. Our hair is arguably one of the most eye-catching features and takes so much manipulation–both chemical and physical.

Whether you color your hair or not, most of our shampoos and conditioners are loaded with harsh chemicals.

On top of brushing, blow drying, curling with a hot iron, and teasing, it’s a wonder any of us have any hair left after 30!

Living Proof Hair bottles.

The Living Proof Timeless collection is a phased approach that addresses age-related changes as they happen. And OMG, it smells amazing.

After using all four of these, my hair felt and smelled incredible. Powered by a Fortifying Complex, it’s comprised of: amino acids to strengthen hair strands; ceramide-like lipids that keep the cuticle sealed and smooth to the touch; and OFPMA + proteins which is their Healthy Hair Molecule that controls moisture flux, keeps hair strong and repels dirt and oil so hair stays cleaner, longer.

  • Step One – Timeless Pre-Shampoo (start using 30s+)
    • Use this before every shampoo to fortify hair and lock in color.
    • Protects against the three causes of color fade: water rinse out, UV rays, and heat styling.
  • Step Two – Shampoo and Condition (a must 40s+)
    • These are sulfate-free, silicone-free and color safe.
    • They help keep color vibrant and truer, longer.
    • They promote healthier hair with every wash.
  • Step Three – Plumping Mousse (a must 40s+)
    • Makes hair look 3x fuller, with volume that’s touchable and revivable.
    • Controls wiry, unmanageable strands.
    • Features highest concentration of PBAE for the most voluminous, fullest, thickest hair yet.
Living Proof Hair Products on a table with hair clips.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love science, and if it can be backed by scientific evidence, I’m sold. I love these Living Proof hair products because they are the real deal. I am proud to be Living Proof of it right here!

Have you ever tried Living Proof hair products?