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It is Really All About the Hair

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I know I have written about my hair before but when it comes down to it, your hairstyle can really make or break your look. I have been fortunate to have naturally pretty colored hair, but it’s fine, thin, and lacks any sort of volume whatsoever. This is a sponsored post. I received compensation from Global Influence, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

All about the hair…

I have never been good at doing hair. It is like my hands are made of Velcro because I never, ever get it right. BUT, if I get lucky and use the right products, I stand a chance at having a decent look. I mean, your hair really can be your best accessory so I have been practicing. A lot.

My hair is so straight and boring! Toni & Guy Products are now available at Walgreens #sponsored

I’m happy to report that TONI&GUY products are now available at select Walgreens. As a single mom and full time student, salon products simply are not in my budget. But with TONI&GUY Hair Styling Products, no one would ever guess that I’m not spending a fortune on hair products!

TONI&GUY styling collections have something for every look. Whether you’re going for classic long waves–my personal fave, super straight and sexy, or pumped-up volume, TONI&GUY has you covered.

Beachy waves on thin blonde hair

TONI&GUY also offer a classic collection with four styling products to create loose, textured and carefree looks, with a lived-in feeling. That’s absolutely the look I’m going for! I need to feel confident but not spend hours on my hair.

To find out if TONI&GUY products are available at your local Walgreens, use this store locator!

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