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Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge – Brown

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This week for the Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge, our color is brown. This has been the most difficult week for me so far. First, because of my emotional condition–this break up has completely kicked my butt.

So, that makes going through my pictures an excruciating task. So, I went back to some really old ones since I haven’t had the drive to actually take any new ones.

Color, Click, Capture Photography

This is Beast Master, he’s a Savannah Cat (African Serval mixed with domestic cat):

savannah cat photography
savannah cat photography

I love this picture of my son. He has really deep brown eyes and in this photo he’s trying to show me a thorn that he found. He was pretending it was a baby shark’s tooth. While the thorn is out of focus, I love that I was able to capture the serious concentration in his eyes.

brown eyes
thorn photography

Thanks to our hosts for putting this blog hop together: East9thStreet, A Helicopter Mom, Nap Time is My Time, and Sunshine and Sippy Cups.

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