The Best Childhood Memories Start with a Bike and Bingo

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Growing up, I spent weekends at my dad’s house. It was a very bike-friendly environment, and I spent all my time whipping around the block every chance I got. My mom’s house was on a busy street with no sidewalks making riding my bike a rare activity.

Some of my best childhood memories are of riding that bike all around the neighborhood. I remember the day my training wheels came off. I felt like I was flying. Post sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

The Best Childhood Memories Start with a Bike and Bingo - Sweepstakes AD

The Best Childhood Memories

When you’re a kid, a bike represents your first tiny taste of independence. It opens opportunities to meet new friends, go on adventures, and learn all about how to get back on after falling off. In many ways, a kids’ bike is like a life lesson machine in so many ways. Family bike rides are the best. You see new things, make lasting memories, and get in some healthy exercise.

The Best Childhood Memories Start with a Bike and Bingo - Sweepstakes AD

Schwinn SmartStart

So much has changed since I was a kid. Everything has gotten smarter–even bikes. The Schwinn SmartStart bike fits a child’s proportions for the most efficient movements and comfort. Your littles will have more confidence and control than ever before. It’s designed to start faster with better leverage to prevent those initial awkward falls.

Play Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo

Print these Bingo Cards and play along while you ride your Schwinn SmartStart bike. Share photos along the way as the kids become more confident riders. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors with the whole family and create a fun photo documentary.

The Schwinn SmartStart sidewalk bike has 16″ wheels and comes in two color schemes: Scorch and Jasmine. They fit kids 38-48″ tall.

The Best Childhood Memories Start with a Bike and Bingo - Sweepstakes AD

Do any of your best childhood memories involve a bike?

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  1. I loved riding my bike in my neighborhood as a kid. I am thrilled there are tons of kids near my own’s ages so they can make their own bike-riding memories.

  2. These bikes are pure genius. I remember when my daughter first learned to ride a bike. She was very young, and it was hard for her to get the bike under control because of its size.

  3. My kids really enjoy being on their bikes, but those beginning days were tough. Having a smart bike like this would have really simplified the learning process.

  4. WOW, those were the good old days. Kids now don’t know anything about riding bikes like we did back in the day. Most kids are so glued to those electronics. The first bike I ever had was from the Schwinn company! I really need to invest in a new smart bike for my daughter

  5. This is such a neat bike. Years ago in a land far away (OK not far away) before cellphones and the internet, we would spend hours on our bikes from dawn til dusk in the summer. We had such great adventures!

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