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Accessories for Migraine Piercing + Best Daith Earrings for Active People

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Whether you’ve gotten the daith piercing for migraines or just think it’s a cute fashion accessory, I’ve found some of the best daith earrings for active lifestyles.

If you haven’t followed my journey, you can start here. I’ve had incredible results.

After almost a year and a half since getting pierced, I am still migraine free.

Whatever your results, if you’ve had the “migraine piercing,” please take the survey linked at the bottom of this post.

It will help gather the data necessary to put together the groundwork for an extensive medical study. Super exciting stuff!

Accessories for the Migraine Piercing and Best Daith Earrings for Active People

Best Daith Earrings

Because my daith piercing took forever to heal–and by forever I mean like every bit of a solid year–I have only changed my daith earrings three times.

I was first pierced with a small curved barbell, like the one they would use for an eyebrow piercing.

This was ideal for sleeping, but not as easy to clean.

I switched to a horseshoe, and that’s been the easiest to clean but if it swings out, can be irritating for sleeping on that side.

But, now that it is truly healed, it never bothers me.

The horseshoe shape also makes it difficult to wear earbuds.

So, after a year, I figured my daith piercing was finally fully healed.

While this was true for the most part, changing the shape of the daith earring caused serious irritation.

I opted for a straight bar with one flat side to allow for an earbud to fit in my ear canal.

Because I was originally pierced with a curved bar, I am going to stick with that shape.

This area of dense cartilage doesn’t seem to like being bent once fully healed.

Due to that experience, I’m back with my horseshoe for now and plan to try a crescent moon, heart shape, or some sort of cute daith earrings soon.

But through this whole process, I found some earbuds that allowed me to still listen to music while I run.

Accessories for the Migraine Piercing and Best Daith Earrings for Active People

Best Earbuds for the Daith Piercing

Running with full headphones on simply doesn’t work for me.

They’re too bulky and create a hideous sweaty situation.

Earbuds with Ear Hook
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09/27/2021 09:49 am GMT

I found that it only takes a little lobe hook and the earbud stays in place just fine.

Bluetooth earbuds are even better if you’re willing to pay a bit more.

How to Clean Daith Piecing Earrings

Cleaning the daith rings is the same as cleaning the daith piercing site itself.

Taking the jewelry out isn’t necessary. In the beginning, you’ll want to clean the area multiple times per day–at the very least, once in the morning and once at night.

I found that using a cotton ball soaked with hot salt water worked best and felt amazing.

DIY Solution:

Mix 1/4 tsp sea salt into a cup of water.

Keep this solution in a closed container.

Pour about 3 tablespoons into a microwavable glass and heat for 7-12 seconds.

Saltwater heats quickly so get to know your microwave to figure out the appropriate time. *Be careful not to burn yourself!*

Soak the cotton ball and stick it in your ear. Repeat as needed.

When I was dealing with irritation and mild infection, I’d do this a few times (with a new cotton ball each time) and dip Q-Tips into the hot water and swab around the area.

The hot salt water draws out the gross stuff.

Or just buy it:

If you’re on the run, this saline spray is the way to go.

It’s super easy to use and crazy effective for keeping the daith ear piercing clean.

You just spray the piercing–but do it over a sink and angle the can so you don’t spray directly into your ear canal.


FINALLY! A doctor in London, Dr. Chris Blatchley MB BChir, has put together a team of experts to conduct a study on the effectiveness of the daith piercing for migraine headaches.

If you’ve had the daith piercing done, please take his survey. It takes about 10 minutes. 🙂 Thank you so much!

I can’t wait to see his results and finally have some real data behind this. As soon as possible, I will share what I can.

What are your favorite daith earrings to wear?

Have you found a pair that allow you to wear earbuds comfortably? 

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