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Online Learning Courses You’ll Want to Binge Watch

If you could go back to school and study anything, what major would you choose?

I find this question extraordinarily hard to answer because I am interested in so many random subjects.

Since I don’t need a degree in everything, I am now obsessed with online learning courses that allow me to binge– with unlimited streaming–on credible information in virtually any field I want.

This post is sponsored by The Great Courses Plus and brought to you by Shopshare. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Best Online Learning Courses You'll Want to Binge Watch

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The Best Online Learning Courses

Because spring is finally about to break in the Chicagoland area (I hope,) my mind is swimming with ideas for the yard, garden, and flower beds.

We live on a little over an acre and used to have horses. Which means two things: 1. Our soil is pretty great thanks to all that horse manure. 2. Our yard is a total mess thanks to the horses. 🙂

It’s not all the horses’ fault. We let the whole yard go wild, and it’s become an enormous undertaking to get it back.

We’ve also had other financial things come up that took priority. But now that I’m ready to tackle this mess, I’ve found myself floundering.

Where do I even begin?

The Best Online Learning Courses You'll Want to Binge Watch

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Because I have unlimited access to over 8,000 educational videos, and a free month trial, I figured I’d take a quick course to help wrap my mind around this project.

The Best Online Learning Courses You'll Want to Binge Watch

Since all these courses are taught by experts–riddled with degrees, certificates, and awards in their respective fields–all the information I get, I trust. I am in love with having such a credible source for all this material.

“We all start with a mess and a great idea.” –Professor Melinda Myers

Thanks to the “How to Grow Anything: Your Best Garden and Landscape” course, I feel confident and prepared to conquer my backyard makeover.

The Best Online Learning Courses You'll Want to Binge Watch

Everything I need to do is broken into steps, and the scientific reasons supporting each step drove everything home.

For me, it’s so important that I know WHY I’m doing things. It’s what feeds my passion to do an exemplary job.

The Best Online Learning Courses You'll Want to Binge Watch

A dream can easily become a goal. You just need a plan. So, I’m off to take all this new knowledge and pour it into a plan that’s broken down into achievable goals.

The Best Online Learning Courses You'll Want to Binge Watch

I’ll be back with updates. I cannot wait to get started!

Which online learning course piques your interest?

Whatever your interests, The Great Courses Plus has something you’ll love.

My watch list is getting obnoxiously long, and I am ridiculously excited about it! I’m so hungry for all that knowledge!

Check out this post on the nutrition course I took at The Great Courses Plus too!

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Victoria Sconion

Wednesday 5th of April 2017

This would be perfect for me as I am trying to learn how to grow more foods at home. We already started on lettuce and cabbage and since I live in a development I can't dig or grow a garden. I would need to use a raised bed (that we can eventually transfer) or large pots.

Janis @MommyBlogExpert

Wednesday 5th of April 2017

Thanks so much for sharing another way to keep our minds sharp in an entertaining way online. I'm going to have to look into what they offer since I always like to be learning new things.


Tuesday 4th of April 2017

Online courses are amazing. Great way to keep the mind sharp. Learning should never really stop.


Tuesday 4th of April 2017

I would love to learn how to grow a fantastic vegetable garden this summer. Online courses are a great way to learn at your own speed.


Tuesday 4th of April 2017

I enjoy online courses that I can do at my own pace. I will have to see which other courses they offer.