Best Smartphone Camera Lenses for any Photographer

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Whether you find yourself trying to capture your kids or are a paid professional photographer, these are the best smartphone camera lenses. They are super easy to use, affordable, and crazy good quality. I received these lenses to facilitate this post, but all thoughts and opinions shared are based solely on my experience. and our families.

These are the best smartphone camera lenses! #MozeatMobileLens #ClipOnLensKits #spon

Best Smartphone Camera Lenses

I own a pretty heavy duty DSLR camera with multiple lenses. You know how often I have it with me when I want to photograph something? About .06% of the time. However, I ALWAYS have my smartphone with me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and bought it mainly for the camera–which is excellent. But even with an outstanding smartphone camera, it has limitations.

These are the best smartphone camera lenses! #MozeatMobileLens #ClipOnLensKits #spon

Getting the Full Picture

The Mozeat Wide Angle smartphone camera lens allows you to capture 2x the picture without much–if any–distortion or loss of quality. Even the full size fisheye which comes with the 3 in 1 Mobile Kit has minimal bowl-like appearance and covers a huge span of photo space without any black circles. My DSLR wide angle lens doesn’t even do that!

These are the best smartphone camera lenses! #MozeatMobileLens #ClipOnLensKits #spon

Sooper Close-Ups

I love taking macro shots of things found in nature. Flowers, bugs, moss, you name it, there is something about seeing something super close up that is just so cool. Since it’s about 4 degrees in here in Chicago, I decided to take a macro shot of the frost on our office windows. This 3-in-1 Mobile kit comes with a macro lens, wide-angle macro, and the fisheye (seen above.)

Here’s a shot using just the macro lens:

These are the best smartphone camera lenses! #MozeatMobileLens #ClipOnLensKits #spon

To show just how great this picture quality is, I zoomed in on the photo itself to show just how close you can see.

These are the best smartphone camera lenses! #MozeatMobileLens #ClipOnLensKits #spon

Here’s what’s in that red box above:

Macro shot of frost on the window. These are the best smartphone camera lenses! #MozeatMobileLens #ClipOnLensKits #spon

Isn’t that gorgeous?! And incredible!? Granted, my S5 has a 16 megapixel camera, but it is not capable of taking this kind of macro shot without this super cool lens. And you get the 3 in 1 value.

To Infinity and Beyond

If you’re trying to see farther into the distance, the telephoto lens is what you need. I personally hate using the zoom on my phone because it decreases the quality of the image (typical for a smartphone.) Using this telephoto smartphone lens you can see 2x farther.

These are the best smartphone camera lenses! #MozeatMobileLens #ClipOnLensKits #spon

All of these lenses clip onto your smartphone in one easy step. They each come with little carrying cases that easily fit into your purse or bag and a lens cloth for easy cleaning. You can get all of them and they would make a great gift.

What would you photograph with these smartphone camera lenses?

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  1. Well, first I’d have to get a smartphone. My phone makes calls & texts.

  2. Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) says:

    I rely on my iphone camera way too much. I know myself and I will continue to do so and would love the images I create with it to be the best they can.

  3. Maryann D. says:

    The photos are lovely. I am sure this is a super product for a smartphone. I can’t wait to get one.

  4. I’ve thought about getting one of these. Love the fish eye and zoom options.

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