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7 Reasons Scary Prank Videos on YouTube are a Horrible Idea

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Scary prank videos are popping up everywhere. Prank channels are quite popular on YouTube. It’s funny to watch people get pranked, right? Eh, not always. Lately, it seems like there are major lines getting crossed. On their quest for YouTube fame, people are getting bolder and bolder when it comes to making scary prank videos.

7 Reasons Scary Prank Videos on YouTube are a Horrible Idea

7 Reasons Scary Prank Videos are a Horrible Idea

#1. Not everyone likes to be pranked – This isn’t my age speaking, I have never liked to be scared. Even when I was a child, I insisted my jack-in-the-box be stored in an undisclosed location and never to be seen by me again.

#2. Concealed carry exists – People are allowed to walk around with guns in most states. A clown coming at a person with a hatchet may cause one to fire in self-defense. That’s an avoidable tragedy waiting to happen that would be nothing but horror for all parties involved.

#3. Other injuries – Even if no one has a gun, there are plenty of other ways someone could defend themselves. Most people run when a pack of zombies is coming at them, but odds are pretty good that someone will eventually fight back.

#4. Getting too bold – Since there are so many prank channels competing, the pranksters are getting bolder and bolder. They look like attacks rather than harmless jokes.

#5. Not everyone can handle being pranked – I tend to think some of these scary prank videos are completely setup, and everyone involved is in on it. But, if it’s just random people walking down the street, that’s a huge problem. How do you know if the people can physically or mentally handle it? I’ll tell you what. I have an anxiety disorder. If a clown charges me down, I’ll probably pass out. Then, after that, I am building a panic room and never leaving it. Not even kidding.

#6. Possible lawsuit – It feels like some laws are being broken in a few of these scary prank videos. A lawsuit would be pretty counterproductive for someone seeking YouTube fame.

#7. Violence isn’t funny – Um, plain and simple. The videos that contain death and violence are just plain not funny. Don’t we have enough deadly events in the news? I don’t think I am being overly-sensitive in saying that pretending to murder isn’t a laughing matter. If someone wants to watch that – by choice – there are plenty of horror movies out there.

Okay, so I am not a total bore. I enjoy the funny prank videos. When family members play relatively harmless jokes on each other, or couples who try to out-prank one another, that can be entertaining. But, just scaring the living crap out of strangers — not cool and possibly dangerous.

How do you feel about scary prank videos?

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