Our Hilo and His Dog Weight Loss Journey

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Our Hilo is trucking along on his dog weight loss journey. Never did I think we would have a weight problem with one of our dogs. We were surprised when the vet suggested that he shed some extra lbs. This post is sponsored by Hill’s and the Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Sweep Tight only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Our Hilo and His Dog Weight Loss Journey

Hilo as a Puppy

Hilo is our German Shepherd dog that we have had for years now. It feels like a year since we brought home our tiny fluff ball that resembled a baby polar bear. But, he will be 7 this November. It’s so crazy how time flies. Being a bigger breed, it’s common to have hip issues as they get older. Hilo has already been showing signs of hip problems for quite some time now.

Tiny Hilo pup

According to our vet Hilo’s weight should be in the lower 90’s. He has gotten up to over 100 lbs. 🙁 This is not due to junk food, as we rarely give our dogs table scraps. Apparently, we were just feeding him too much dog food and not being active enough. After this last winter everyone in the house put on some weight!

Most people would not think Hilo was overweight by looking at him. In fact, we were pretty surprised when the vet told us that. With all of his fur, he only looks fluffy, never fat. With bigger breeds you want them on the thin side. I guess seeing their ribs is actually ideal.

Hilo man

That’s why our boy has been on his dog weight loss journey with Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. He absolutely loves the food, but it’s been an adjustment. We had to start feeding him more because he started stealing food! He’s never been that excited over food, so this was new for sure. After we upped his servings and added more treats, he was back to his normal self. I still have never seen him so excited to eat. It must be some tasty stuff cause he just loves it.

Dogs playing like crazy

We haven’t had Hilo officially weighed just yet, but we can tell that he’s lost weight. He’s been running around the yard like crazy, and zipping up the stairs with ease. I am sure losing a few pounds along with the warmer weather is pleasing his joints greatly!

Now that the weather is warmer, we can’t wait to play with the dogs more often in the yard and go for long walks. Knowing that Hilo is on his way to better mobility makes summer activities even more fun!

Have you ever had to deal with dog weight loss?

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  1. Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) says:

    Yay Hilo! He is so cute. Glad he loves his new food and that it is helping him live a happier life. Hope he takes off the extra winter weight so he can run and jump and play all summer long. Good thing you figured out how to stop the food stealing without feeling like you are depriving him.

  2. There’s two pounds in those ears alone! But good for you to be concerned about his weight – I’ll bet he’s a lot happier!

  3. Virginia @thatbaldchick says:

    What a cutie is he! Weight management is so important for our pets, they rely on us to take care of them.

  4. Julie Wood says:

    Halo is so adorable, and I am so glad that he went on a diet and lost some weight. It is so important for our dogs to eat healthy and stay active because this will help them live a long life. Hill’s dog food is very good food.

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Our dog is only 9 pounds and I think he weighs what he should, but I will find out from the vet for sure when we go with him this summer.

  6. Your dog is too cute! Both of mine are slightly overweight at the moment. I think their grandma has been sneaking them treats.

  7. We are getting our puppy in 6 weeks we can’t wait!

  8. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says:

    Our previous dog was getting older and less active so we experienced some weight gain that made his activity even worse. Switching foods and paying attention to his diet was the trick and he was a much happier and healthy dog!

  9. What a sweet dog?! He’s just beautiful. We have not had to deal with dog weight loss yet our 6 month old German Shepard is already 60 lbs!

  10. Your dog is beautiful! Luckily we haven’t had to worry about weight with our chocolate lab…yet! He’s so hyper, he’s constantly moving!

  11. Awww he’s sweet looking! Our dog from years past did have weight issues – much smaller dog, and it really affected her hips too!

  12. What a cutie pie! My son wants a dog like this soooooo bad!

  13. Mama to 5 BLessings says:

    What a beautiful dog! I can definitely tell the difference, that’s great!

  14. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says:

    How handsome he is! We haven’t had to deal with weight issues yet. Our guy s still a puppy, just under six months old.

  15. Michele Brosius says:

    What an adorable dog! He’s definitely looks like he’s enjoying being active. Our 2 “boys” need to have a weight management overhaul, too.

  16. Glad he’s doing well on his journey. I love Hilo’s ears!!

  17. Hilo is so cute! We have a dog who has started to gain weight from not wanting to exercise. We need to put him on this food so his own hip problems won’t get worse.

  18. That is just awesome. I know I have told you about how my FIL took over my min-pin and now my min-pin is a tub who does nothing but lay around… We will definitely have to check this out. Thanks so much

  19. Kathleen Garber says:

    Dog weight loss is new to me, I’ve never dealt with it. We did have a dog on Prozac though LOL. I did know that you should be able to see some ribs on your dog though. Many people don’t realize that and over feed.

  20. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    My dog is 13 and is a few pounds over weight. He is on a strict diet due to allergies so it is tough to put him on a diet. Your dog is very cute.

  21. I didn’t know that about the ribs. That’s so interesting! I don’t have dogs so I’m just learning all this stuff!

  22. Those ears are killing me! Love it!

  23. My puppy is fine with her weight but my cat is in the same boat.

  24. Laura (Another Cent Saved) says:

    What a cute dog. My Mini Schnauzer is a Hill Science Pet 🙂

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