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Holiday Ultimate Rewards into Summer Projects

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chase Ultimate Rewards. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have discussed how we use our Chase Ultimate Rewards a few times now, but this time we have a different plan. Throughout the busy shopping and holiday season, I want to rack up as many rewards as possible to use toward home improvements in the New Year. Over the summer we managed to compile quite the to-do list. I am convinced our house was built with zero thought about brutal Chicago winters. Or, it’s just general wear and tear catching up all at once. Either way, we have projects.

Holiday Ultimate Rewards into Summer Projects

Holiday Ultimate Rewards into Summer Projects

The last few polar vortexes have done a number on our property. Once the neighborhood thawed last spring we realized that our driveway was shot, the pool is on its last legs, the screened-in porch is looking dangerous, and the deck around the pool is a straight-up hazard. I could go on, but you get the point. All of these fixes are major moolah. Thankfully, I have a handy hubby. I also have family and friends all in a number of different trades. While we will still require some sort of home equity loan to fund these projects, we can soften the blow a bit by purchasing materials using gift cards earned from credit card rewards.

Snowpocalypse 2014 Chicago

The fourth quarter is when most of us spend the most money. Between holiday parties, gift-giving, winter vacations, and whatever else, it’s just a given that money will be spent around this time of year. It’s going to happen regardless, so I might as well earn rewards for it. Using my Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card on everyday purchases builds reward points quickly. I will use those rewards to stock up on gift cards for Home Depot and Lowe’s. This way we can get many of the materials that we will need once we are ready to tackle some projects.

snowy porch

If it snows like this again this year, I may abort this entire plan and take a vacation instead. The beauty of Chase Ultimate Rewards is that there are so many choices when it comes to spending your points. Practical is how I am thinking right now, but dump feet of snow on us again and I will be singing a different tune.

Our pool when the deck was nice

Look how beautiful our pool and deck were just a few years ago. Crazy how much damage the elements can do. Hopefully winter will tone it down a notch and take it easier on us this year. If you don’t have a credit card that earns Chase Ultimate Rewards, I highly suggest looking into one. As long as you are responsible with your credit card spending, it’s a great way to get rewarded for everyday purchases. Whether you want to save toward home repairs like us, or just treat yourself, the rewards are extremely flexible. You can even request a credit on your statement, essentially paying down your bill. That’s always a helpful option, as well.

How would you spend your Chase Ultimate Rewards? 

Maggie Branch

Thursday 19th of November 2015

That is a great idea to make your money work for you twice! Good luck with all of your projects and wishing you an easier winter this year!


Sunday 15th of November 2015

I have a bank account at Chase and am pleased with their service, but I haven't tried rewards yet! Thanks for the tip.

Janis @MommyblogExpert

Sunday 15th of November 2015

Sorry that blizzard really wrecked your beautiful pool. I'm an Easterner living in California now. I know you'll think I'm a little crazy but still I miss the change of seasons and the snow so much.


Saturday 14th of November 2015

Rewards are the best. I would use it for repairs.

Ginger Mommy

Saturday 14th of November 2015

I can think of a few things that I would use the rewards on. If it is another cold winter, then I agree on the trip to somewhere warm.

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