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10 Winter Weather Cleaning Tips

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Winter weather is coming and we need to take every precaution to keep our families healthier. It’s the perfect opportunity to do some deep cleaning in our homes and make them as germ-free as possible.

North American Property Services, which is headquartered in Denver, CO has 10 cleaning tips to help get us all on the right track.

10 Winter Weather Cleaning Tips

1.)  Wash your hands often while cleaning. This is so you do not transfer germs from room to room. I like to switch my cleaning rags for each room for the same reason, as well.

2.)  Pay extra attention to high touch areas and clean them more often. Door handles, TV remotes, keyboards, iPads, tablets, laptops, etc. should all be disinfected frequently. Keep handy electronic cleaning wipes on hand to wipe down phones, including the landline and all cell phones.

3.)  Germs live in the dust. Dusting your home not only makes it look cleaner, but it can also kill nasty germs that may cause the common cold or the flu. Pay extra attention to places where dust settles, like fan blades and window ledges to wipe away germs. Basically, detail your house. Get all those dust balls from under the bed, under furniture and in the corners of rooms. Also, wipe down light bulbs. Not only will that remove the grime, but it will brighten up the room on these dreary winter days.

4.)  Dust more often. In addition to dusting more places, do it more frequently. Since the heating system will be circulating the dust, dirt and germs throughout the air, it’s best to increase your dusting habits.

5.)  Keep a mop handy to wipe down floors regularly. Quickly dry-mop the high-traffic areas of your home on a regular basis.

6.)  Clean interior windows on warmer days. They are another germ-collector in your house.

7.)  Deep clean your carpets on a yearly basis. The best time to do this is right after the holidays. This will help eliminate germs and grime, and also clean any spills from holiday celebrations.

8.)  Scrub and disinfect the grout in your bathroom with a powerful cleaner. This will remove germs that spread between family members.

9.)  Create a “no shoes in the house” policy. Think about all of the places that everyone walks throughout the day. You don’t want all those germs tracking all over your home. Check your shoes at the door to reduce indoor pollutants.

10.)  The best winter floor care program is to frequently clean all floor surfaces. Pay extra attention to entryways and mop and scrub often.

winter weather cleaning tips

North American property services is one of the top janitorial services in the country. For tips like this and more make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

How does your cleaning routine change during the winter weather?

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