Todds BBQ at Mariano’s for Delicious Tailgating Food

Football season is here and Todds BBQ at #MyMarianos can help you serve up some delicious tailgating food that will surely satisfy the heartiest of fans. Find smoky delicious BBQ items all fresh and ready for you to pick up at your convenience. Sponsored post; all opinions are my own.

Meat and sandwich from Todds BBQ at Mariano's.

Get Tailgating Food at Todds BBQ at Mariano’s

We all know it doesn’t take any arm-twisting to get me to go to Mariano’s. It’s the only grocery store that I actually look forward to shopping at.

With their friendly staff, excellent atmosphere, and extensive product selection, it’s a shopping experience like no other.

Plus, I treat myself to Vero Gelato every time, so that’s just an added bonus. Using my rewards card, I am very close to earning my next Gelato for free!

Todds BBQ at Mariano's.

This time I paid extra close attention to Todds BBQ (currently at the Frankfort, Wheaton and Harwood Heights locations).

With Chicago Bears games to look forward to, I am all about easy tailgating ideas. Todds BBQ provides a convenient way to pick up delicious food quickly. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Soup and snacks in a grocery cart.

I chose the smoked BBQ pork and a side of baked macaroni and cheese. The pork can be easily made into sandwiches, tacos, or just eaten on its own.

I couldn’t forget my favorite soup either – their chicken and dumpling soup is the best EVER.

Pork sandwiches and mac n' cheese.

The smoked pork was as tender as can be. Mike made a couple sandwiches with it and I chose to just eat it as-is. It was smoked to perfection and I could even cut it with my fork.

While having guests over for a game, this is the perfect way to offer them a quality meat with options. It’s an effortless way to impress your guests, saves the host time, and pleases everyone!

Soup, sandwiches, and mac and cheese on a plate.

Todds BBQ is not just for game days. I can foresee us enjoying their food quite often this season.

Mike has already requested that I go back and get Todds BBQ ribs! Paired with the soup, it’s the ultimate in fall comfort food. This is just one more reason that Mariano’s rocks.

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What’s your favorite BBQ food? What would you love to try from Todds BBQ? 

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  1. My favorite BBQ food is pulled pork. I would love to give Todd’s BBQ a try. You can just look at that meat and see it has flavor!

  2. Wow, how easy and simple to just run in and grab what you need! This is an awesome idea for get-togethers and like you said, tailgating!

  3. Their food looks AMAZING! I will have to make sure I stop the next time I am in the area. Great tailgate idea – love it!

  4. OOh yum yum! What doesn’t Mariano’s offer? They sound absolutely incredible. That looks like a delicious meal!

  5. I would love to eat at Todds for Bbq food. BBQ food is one of my favorites and this food looks so delicious! The meal that you had looked so delicious!

  6. I absolutely love good BBQ and that meal you had looks delicious! I think it’s time for me to go eat lunch now!

  7. Yum this looks so good! We love BBQ and this looks amazing! Wish we had a store near us cause this is what we would be having for dinner!!

  8. YUM! That looks so good! I hear such great things about Mariano’s and really want to visit one. #client

  9. Gosh, that soup looks like the perfect fall comfort food and my husband would go crazy for easy, tasty BBQ like that! #client

  10. i have never been a been barbeque eater, however, where i live, nc is big in barbecue….the barbecue soup looks interesting though

  11. I thought i was the only one who took photos of my Mariano’s shopping cart items. !!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Mariano’s !!!

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