Funny Exercise Videos that I Used to Do

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I was recently reminded of the funny exercise videos that I used to do and take very seriously. This came about when I shared a funny video on Facebook. Another page that I follow, No Hope for the Human Race posted the newest awesomeness that is Prancercise and I was jokingly trying to recruit my friends to do it with me at a local park. Soon after, they all brought up my sordid past of purchasing every workout video under the sun.

Funny Exercise Videos

Body Flex Breathing Exercises:  One glance at this video and you know it’s the 80’s. My friends and I used to do these exercises with a straight face. I have no idea how that was possible since when I watch it now I am both laughing hysterically and somewhat horrified.

The Firm:  I actually loved these tapes and would probably still do them if I got them on DVD. I got awesome results from this series. But, the fact remains that the earlier videos were a little pornish. The instructors were all way too breathy and the music just screamed bow-chicka-wow-wow. The spin she does at the end of this video was our favorite part. My friends and I tried to nail that move every time.

Denise Austin:  I loved me some Denise Austin, too, but boy she was a little nutty. She was so enthusiastic and spaztic and would even forget to do reps on one side sometimes. Her tapes were good and motivating, though. Just imagine what they would be like using modern video editing!

Those are just a few of the funny exercise videos that I used to do. The 80’s was full of them with their spandex and big hair! Makes me wonder what videos that we do seriously today will be considered funny 20-30 years from now.

Do you remember any of these workouts? Or, can you remember any other ones?

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  1. Dawn Lopez says:

    OMG how freakin hilarious!!!! I used to repeatedly do my moms VHS workouts, I distinctly remember the big hair! But funny funny stuff.. I used to really love the Sweatin to the Oldies, LOL! Yup, I sure did! Other than that, I would jump on my personal trampoline for hours on end. I am sure the neighbors downstairs from our apartment loved that too!

  2. Haha. Too funny! I remember my husband introducing me to “Dragon Lady” (the second video) when we first started dated.

  3. Michelle Knopp says:

    So funny! I wonder what I’ll think of the videos I’m doing now in 20 years. I remember making fun of my mom for doing Richard Simmons. I’m sure my kids are making fun of me doing my TurboFire and Hip Hop Abs now.

  4. Melissa M. Miller says:

    I was a Denise Austin follower. I also did (and still have The Firm DVDs). I wish AT&T U-Verse had more fitness channels.

  5. Desiree H says:

    Haha, this is so funny!! I was born in the 80;s and I remember my mom doing these videos when I was little!

  6. Rebecca Parsons says:

    LOL literally. I so remember a lot of these. I know it shows my age but seriously what were they thinking.

  7. That was hilarious, thank you for sharing that!! I buy workout DVDs, anything that is yoga, pilates or ballet based — those are the three that I can’t resist and love to do.

  8. Michelle H says:

    Just the pictures are funny enough 🙂

  9. kristin sims says:

    i about died laughing at this! i miss the 80’s…and now it seems like it was an ancient decade when i look at pics…..i appreciate the fact that you have a “humor” section on your blog, and thanks for sharing your exercise videos!

    1. I know!!! It seems like only a few years ago, but now it’s probably considered “the oldies”. Yikes. :/

  10. Haha these are so funny. It reminds me of going to jazzercise class with my mom when I was a kid.

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