Migraine Symptoms are Ruining my Life Plans

I’ll never forget my first migraine. I was 12 years old. Nineteen years later and migraine headache symptoms are still plaguing me.

Shelley on the couch with a rag on her head.

My Migraine Headache Symptoms

My migraine headache symptoms have always been the same. As I’ve aged they’ve just gotten more severe.

Before the onset of pain I experience:

  • Extreme sensitivity to light. This can start up to 6 hours before the full pain of the migraine.
  • Irritability. It’s like every sound, movement, or smell fills me completely with rage.
  • Aura. Between 20-60 minutes before the migraine I have a visual disturbance that looks like white noise or a zig-zag line in my direct line of focus. I cannot read or drive. It has gotten so severe, that I have lost full vision in one or both eyes–which only returns to normal when the pain sets in.
Distorted text to show what it looks like to read with a migraine.

The pain:

  • For me can last up to 3 full days.
  • Is always on the right side of my head.
  • Makes it impossible for me to function normally. I can typically be found in bed with absolutely NO light. (Those black curtains aren’t just for style.)
  • Causes dizziness and nausea.
  • Can even make the right side of my face swell or droop.

The worst part about migraine headache symptoms is that you cannot even find an ounce of joy in the time off.

If you have a cold or something that is keeping you home, you can at least cozy up and binge watch TV. With a migraine, you are trapped in your own pain, unable to find any distractions. It’s literally the worst waste of life.

Reported migraine triggers.

Migraine Headache Triggers

For me, migraine headache triggers can be a number of things. I’ve journaled the events and definitely noticed a pattern with my cycle. But things like stress, bright lights, and muscle tension in my right shoulder and neck can also bring on the misery.

Lately, I’ve been getting them around once a week with varying severity. It makes being a mom, running a business, staying in physical shape, and taking care of my loved ones extremely difficult.

Obviously, I hate being in pain, but more than that I despise being a burden and constantly disappointing my family. Canceling plans, being forced to avoid interactions, looking at my kids through pained, squinted eyes is ruining so many of our days.

Nearly 36 million Americans suffer from migraines, including its various characteristics. It is ranked in the top 3 of the world’s most prevalent medical conditions. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier. In this case, misery really doesn’t love company.

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UPDATE: See how my daith piercing has me almost completely migraine-free for 2 years now!

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