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Start Your Day with Imagination – Creativity Seeds

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A brainstorm of sorts hit me this morning. Creativity seeds should be planted for children everywhere…

Creativity Seeds to Spark Tiny Imaginations

While I was in the bathroom this morning getting ready for the day, I could hear my 7-year-old daughter’s excited little voice coming down the hall.

“Momma! Momma! I found a creature!”

I quickly finished brushing my teeth, slightly horrified as to what I might see her holding. I had images of mice, spiders and gross slime bouncing through my head. (Can you tell I’m a bit traumatized?)

Before I opened the door I asked, “What is it? Where did you find it?”

Chesney’s ecstatic reply, “I don’t know what it is! Maybe a teeny tiny dragon fly? It was on our bathroom floor!”

I thought to myself, Ok. Could be way worse…

I opened the door to find her grinning ear to ear. She was holding an almost transparent, tiny little seed. I mentally identified it as one of the fluffy seeds that come from the tall zebra grass we have growing in the front yard. But, rather than spoil the fun, I asked her to investigate its origin.

When the look on her happy little face turned into a distraught look of horror I quickly asked what she was thinking.

“Oh no. Mom, I think it’s the tooth fairy!”

You see, the tooth fairy arrived at our house last night. Chesney actually had her grandpa come up and use a dry rag to yank out her loose tooth earlier that evening because she just couldn’t handle waiting any longer. (There was no way I could handle that super squeamish task so, reinforcements had to be called.)

At this point I had to intervene and reassure her that this was definitely not the tooth fairy. So, she finished getting ready for school and we went to the bus stop a bit early.

I gave her small hints and clues as to how to identify her found ‘creature.’  When she looked up and saw the “poofy heads,” as she’s come to call seeds that bear fuzz, she let out a huge sigh of relief.

Crisis averted.

She opened her clammy little paw and watched as the wind took her beloved seed creature to a new land.

zebra grass
zebra grass seeds
zebra grass seed fairy

More Magical Finds in Nature:

Let us know if you think of any ways to “plant” creativity seeds.

Jack O Lantern Mushroom
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