Color, Click, Capture Photography – Yellow

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Week three for the Color, Click, Capture Photography contest is here! And, the color is YELLOW.

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge Week 3

Last fall, I was leaving my house, no doubt in some panicked rush, when I stopped dead in my tracks. I saw this yellow thing out of the corner of my eye…

yellow moth

This awesome yellow moth was just chilling on the outside of my garage door. I, of course, being the geek that I am, had to find out what he/she is…

According to my research, this is most likely a male (because he has so many brown spots–females have less,) False Crocus Geometer Moth.

Geometer, meaning that when he was a caterpillar, he was of the inchworm variety! 🙂 (Am I the only one that thinks this is cool?! Probably.)

yellow moth face

Here are some of my other favorite yellow photos:

yellow leaves photography
leaf umbrella
woodland poppy

Don’t you just love finding bright colors in nature? The outdoors never disappoints when on the hunt for good photo ops.

Flowers, plants, bugs, and grasses are all simply gorgeous and here for all of us to see.

Easy Lemon Trifle Recipe

Gorgeous yellow pudding layers from our Lemon Trifle recipe. It’s an excellent spring dessert should you need one. Show up to your next brunch gathering with this trifle to be the hit of the party.

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes in a Cone Recipe 16

Cupcakes in a cone are an adorable dessert. The yellow in these cupcakes brightens up any dessert table. Make them for Easter, birthday parties, or anytime you want to induce intense smiling.

A Little History, An Interesting Realization, and Adorable Emoji Cupcakes Recipe

Emoji cupcakes are another fun cupcake recipe to make. The yellow fondant faces bring joy to all. Get creative with the kids to make the emoji faces on each cupcake.

Previous weeks of the photo challenge:
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Yellow reminds me of spring and happiness. Please tag us in your yellow photos!

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  1. Sarah Bb @ East9thStreet says:

    I love the pictures looking up at the leaves. Cool how you captured both the light reflecting off the leaves and the shadows.

    1. Thanks! I was attempting to get a workout running through the woods, but kept having to stop to take pictures! It was such an awesome day, the birds were so loud it felt like I was in the jungle. 🙂

  2. The moth is amazing! What a perfect nature specimen.

  3. Natalie Z says:

    It is amazing what we can find when we aren’t even looking! You did a great job capturing the moment 🙂

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