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The Ninja Coffee Bar is pretty cool. Let me get that right out of the way. It gives a coffee fiend like me all kinds of options for getting my caffeine fix in. With the Ninja Coffee Bar, I can have super strong shot of coffee, a standard cup of coffee, an iced coffee, and more. It’s in the office space that I share with my sister, so we’re both able to caffeinate ourselves sufficiently while we work–which keeps us productive, and being nice to each other. We received the Coffee Bar for review and this post contains affiliate links. All opinions are our own.

The Ninja Coffee Bar is now in our office. And... we've all turned into Ninjas. True story.

What Makes the Ninja Coffee Bar Different

Any old coffee maker can shoot hot water over grounds and churn out coffee. The Ninja Coffee Bar is different. It uses Thermal Flavor Extraction technology to make several different sizes and coffee styles, and it does it with a technology that knows exactly how much water and heat to use. It’s kind of cool.

For example, I can put coffee grounds in the Ninja Coffee Bar, and based on what I tell it, I’ll get a normal, regular sized cup of coffee all the way down to what basically amounts to a coffee shot. So in essence, my sister and I can fuel up on caffeine with everything form plain Jane coffee to espresso and iced coffee. I love that, but my sister is the one who’s ultra hard core coffee. It’s been going well. 😉

The Ninja Coffee Bar is now in our office. And... we've all turned into Ninjas. True story.

Ninja Coffee Bar Highlights

  • Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology – Brews rich coffee with strength varying from regular coffee to espresso.
  • Auto-IQ One Touch Intelligence Technology – Customizable options for smooth, rich coffee in a cup, travel mug, or carafe.
  • Brewing Options – Choose Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice Brew, and Specialty Brew.

The Ninja Coffee Bar is now in our office. And... we've all turned into Ninjas. True story.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the Ninja Coffee Bar. Instead of making coffee runs and disrupting our work day, we now just Ninja over to the snack station/coffee bar and refuel with expert precision.

The Ninja Coffee Bar

Do you have a coffee bar at work as cool as this?

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  1. I asked Santa for one of these for Christmas. I need to keep my coffee addiction in check and this is perfect.

  2. This would be the perfect gift for my husband. He loves coffee! Maybe Santa will have to bring this to him for Christmas. 😉

  3. I would love to get this for Christmas. Coffee is a very important part of my day and I’m always looking to try new kinds.

  4. This sounds like the coolest coffee system. We’d definitely get a lot of use out of it. It would be nice having an easy way to make espresso too.

  5. This would be really nice to have. I love the Ninja products! I own the blender and it works great. I’d love to get this coffee system next.

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