New Monster High Dolls are an Awesome Holiday Gift

If you’re looking for an awesome holiday gift for a little one around 6 to 10, then you need to check out the new Monster High dolls and other accessories. They’re bigger and better than ever. With high quality clothes and details, these are some of our new favorite toys. This post has been sponsored by Lunchbox but all thoughts and opinions are our own. The new Monster High dolls are awesome! #toysrus #ad

New Monster High Dolls

I know we’ve all been taught that bigger isn’t always better. But in this case, the new 17″ tall Monster High dolls are super fun. With stylish clothes and lengthy hair to play with, these dolls are more fun than ever. The new Monster High dolls are awesome! #toysrus #ad They bend at all the joints we do so it’s easy to have them for tea parties or pose them in just the right position to stand in your room. (The 17″ dolls come with a stand.) The new Monster High dolls are awesome! #toysrus #ad They’re clothes are amazing and frighteningly fashionable. Each doll comes with an incredible outfit that little girls will be just itching to mimic. Bella loved what the Clawdeen Doll was wearing. The new Monster High dolls are awesome! #toysrus #ad Our Favorite Ways to Play We love playing with their hair! It is so fun to style. The colors in the hair are unique and interesting. Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein, has seemingly black and silver-ish hair. When we started playing with it, we realized it glows purple when you hold it at different angles! The new Monster High dolls are awesome! #toysrus #ad We also found it really fun to make the taller dolls the older siblings. Bella is the youngest and therefore the smallest of all her siblings, so she had a ball making the 17″ Frankie Stein big sister to the original size Clawdeen Doll. The new Monster High dolls are awesome! #toysrus #ad Plus, coloring the Tara Toy Monster High Color N Style Fashion Bag to match our favorite doll is a blast. It even comes with sparkling gems.

Where to Find Them

Toys”R”Us has an amazing selection of Monster High toys this holiday season. You can even purchase these online and pick them up in store–my personal favorite way to shop especially during the holidays. The new Monster High dolls are awesome! #toysrus #ad

What is your favorite feature of the new Monster High Dolls?

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  1. to be honest, I dont understand the whole Monster High thing. Super fun that they have bendable joints though. Little girls want to be able to move their dolls like a real person so having that ability is a must.

  2. I have all boys in my house so I know nothing about these dolls. I can see how girls would love them though. They looks pretty cool!

  3. I think the Monster High dolls are so beautiful. They’re so full of color. My niece is a huge fan of Monster High. These would be a great gift for her for the holidays.

  4. My little ones love Monster High dolls. It’s truly a great gift to give for Christmas. They have already been asking if they are getting them.

  5. This whole post screams my two girls. Ages 8 and 9. They love Monster High and of course have asked for whatever I can find MH for them for Christmas!

  6. WHat a fun gift for the holidays! I know a bunch of girls who would LOVE this as a gift! Now I have a great idea!

  7. My girls are huge Monster Hight fans. They loved BOO Nork… and we have more of those crafts kits than I can mention 🙂 Ha!

  8. What a fun new kind of doll this holiday season. I bet many little girls would love to find that under the Christmas tree this year.

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