2024 Total Solar Eclipse Watch Party Desserts

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The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is almost here, and it’s a huge deal! Schools are closing, people are traveling from all over, and parties are in the works to catch this big event. With all the galaxy recipes we’ve got on the blog, I thought it would be fun to round them up as dessert ideas for your eclipse watch party.

Galaxy Shortbread Bites

Galaxy shortbread bites in a cup with some on the table.
Image Credit: A Magical Mess

Galaxy Shortbread Bites are a hit for an eclipse party. They’re tiny, cute, and full of color, just like a mini universe on your plate. Each one is a sweet little taste of the galaxy, making them a fun treat while you watch the eclipse. Plus, they’re easy to grab and enjoy as you gaze at the skies!

Get the recipe here: Mini Space Cookies

Galaxy Party Popcorn

dark purple candy covered popcorn with marshmallows and sprinkles
Image Credit: A Magical Mess

Galaxy Party Popcorn is a far out viewing party snack. It’s a sweet and salty mix, perfect for munching. The popcorn looks like it’s covered in stars, making your party extra special. Grab a handful and enjoy the eclipse with this tasty treat!

Get the Recipe Here: Space Party Popcorn

Easy Galaxy Fudge

Sliced fudge on a cutting board
Image Credit: A Magical Mess

Galaxy Fudge is next on the list. It’s super easy to make. This treat is rich, creamy, and full of swirls that look like the galaxy. A piece of this fudge will make your eclipse party even sweeter. This cosmic treat is sure to look out of this world on your dessert table.

Get the Recipe: Space Fudge

Galaxy Bark Candy

Galaxy bark spilled out of jar.
Image Credit: A Magical Mess

Galaxy Bark Candy is a must-have for your party. It’s a colorful, crunchy treat that looks like a piece of the galaxy. With swirls of blue, purple, and glittery toppings, it’s as fun to look at as it is to eat. Break off a piece of this space candy and savor it while the eclipse unfolds.

Get the recipe here: Chocolate Space Bark

Galaxy Donuts

Galaxy donuts stacked on a plate.
Image Credit: A Magical Mess

Galaxy Donuts are not just for breakfast. These chocolate-baked donuts are topped with a far out galaxy glaze. The glaze has swirls of cosmic colors, making each donut unique.

Get the recipe here: Donuts with Space Glaze

Galaxy Ice Cream

Galaxy ice cream in serving dishes
Image Credit: A Magical Mess

Galaxy Ice Cream is a cool addition to your party. It’s an easy no-churn recipe, perfect for a space-themed bash. This ice cream swirls with galactic colors and has a taste that’s out of this world. Scoop some up during the eclipse for a creamy, dreamy treat that everyone will love.

Get the recipe here: Space Ice Cream

Galaxy Gelatin Cups

Purple and blue jello cups with gray frosting
Image Credit: A Magical Mess

Galaxy Gelatin Cups are a fun and jiggly treat. They’re easy to make and look amazing with their space-inspired colors. These cups are perfect for serving at your eclipse party. Guests will love digging into their own little piece of the cosmos!

Get the recipe here: Layered Space Gelatin

Galaxy Cupcakes

galaxy cupcakes on white plate
Image Credit: A Magical Mess

Galaxy Cupcakes are a sweet star at your party. They’re chocolate cupcakes with a cosmic twist, topped with swirling galaxy colors. The edible airbrush adds even more out of this world dimension to this special space treat.

Get the recipe here: Space Cupcakes

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