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We Experienced Culinary Fight Club Chicago

We may live just 40 minutes outside of Chicago, but it takes a lot to get us into the city during the winter months. When Jen and I received an invitation to Culinary Fight Club–which was held at The Bottled Blonde just a few days before Christmas–we looked at each other and knew we were going.

The event did not disappoint. It’s loaded with excitement, new faces, yummy foods, and it’s all for a great cause. See below for details on the next one!

Culinary Fight Club Taster's Choice award.

Culinary Fight Club – Chicago

What is Culinary Fight Club?

Culinary Fight Club gives chefs an opportunity to be discovered, share their talents, and be part of a great cause that helps feed the homeless. Culinary Fight Clubs are in numerous major cities and we couldn’t be more excited to have one in Chicago.

These outstanding chefs have 60 minutes to grab their ingredients from a giant pile and whip up something incredible. No pressure or anything. It’s crazy to watch them at work. I can’t imagine the stress they must be under but they were so friendly and smiling through the chaos.

The judges of the evening were Beth Rosen and MJ Tam of Chicagonista Live; Nancy Loo of WGN News; and a mystery judge–celebrity chef, Joe Arvin.

Shelley VanWitzenburg, MJ Tam, Jennifer Soltys, and Beth Rosen at Culinary Fight Club.

Who is it?

Each month, chefs compete to advance to the next round and finalists have an opportunity to make it to the World Food Championships.

These are the chefs that competed in December:

Chef Mark Gaylord (HE WON!)
Chef Kevin Guida
Chef Madeline Wehking
Chef Justin Vaiciunas
Chef Chris De LaCueva

Culinary Fight Club Chicago - Great cause and a ton of fun!

Where is it?

The location changes every month, so you’ll need to check the website. Like Culinary Fight Club on Facebook and follow on Twitter to be sure you’re getting all the latest information.

Jen Soltys and Shelley Van at Culinary Fight Club in Chicago.

Why you need to go…

You’ll meet awesome people, taste amazing foods, and support Fight2Feed–whose mission is to “KO” hunger one city block at a time.

Beth Rosen, Nancy Loo, and MJ Tam as judges at Culinary Fight Club.

When is the next one?

Check here to find out and get your tickets!

Is there a Culinary Fight Club in a city near you?

ellen beck

Sunday 5th of March 2017

I bet this was a whole lot of fun. I know how you feel about venturing out in the winter! That snow fillled 40 miles seems forever. I liked all your pictures and how you enjoyed this.

Sarah L

Friday 20th of January 2017

Looks like a fun night for a great cause.

Margot C

Friday 20th of January 2017

This is exactly my idea of fun. I think of cooking asa sport fairly often actually.

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