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Easy DIY Scrub for Tub and Sink Cleaning

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My mother-in-law gave me her DIY scrub for tub and sink cleaning, and I love it. With a simple four ingredients, you can create a refreshing scrub for the sink and the bathtub.

I know sinks and tubs come in a variety of materials. I don’t find this scrub to be that abrasive, but use your own judgement depending on what you have.

A jar of tub scrub, a blue towel, and the labeled lid.

DIY Tub Scrub that Smells Amazing

This quick and easy scrub works great on sinks and bathtubs. There’s a light and refreshing scent that leaves everything smelling clean and fresh.

I haven’t purchased a sink cleaner since I started making this scrub. So far, it’s done the job of thoroughly cleaning every time I need it. And, maybe I’m strange, but I’m a bit obsessed with the scent it leaves behind!

Homemade Tub Scrub Ingredients

Here’s what you need to make this scrub. The measurements are in the how-to card below.

  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Orange essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil

How to make your own Sink and Tub Cleaner

Add the baking soda and salt to a bowl and mix well.

Slowly add in the drops of essential oil, mixing frequently to avoid clumping.

Pour the mixture into an airtight glass container. Be sure to label it so no one mistakes it for sugar or something edible.

To use the scrub, simply sprinkle a small amount into your tub or sink.

Use a wet washcloth or sponge to scrub.

Rinse well.

A towel and jar of sink and tub scrub.

There you have it. It’s so easy and does the job. My sinks are left shiny and smelling great. The essential oils leave a fresh, clean smell that lingers. It’s a definite improvement over smelling toxic chemicals.

An open jar of sink cleaner next to a blue towel and lid.

I’m so thankful that my mother-in-law shared this cleaning hack with me. It was just in time for spring cleaning when she shared it. Now, I use it all year and especially during holiday cleaning and any time of the year when visitors may pop over.

I’ve been trying to cut down on toxic chemicals in the house whenever possible. This homemade cleaner what a great first step. I feel safer if a little bit spills, or one of the dogs jumps into the bathtub and licks it after cleaning (yes, this has happened.) Since the ingredients are items you can bake with, it’s not the biggest panic ever if a few sprinkles spill.

Keep this recipe in mind for gift baskets, too. If you ever create a housewarming basket or something similar, this cleaner is an inexpensive addition that would be appreciated.

I hope you like this scrub as much as I do. It’s something I make again and again!

Yield: 1.5 cups

Homemade Tub and Sink Scrub

DIY Scrub for Tub and Sink Cleaning

A homemade tub and sink scrub that's easy to make and smells amazing.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 10 drops orange essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil


  • Mixing bowl
  • Measuring cup
  • Airtight jars
  • Labels
  • Dropper for essential oils


  1. In a small mixing bowl, mix together the baking soda and salt.
  2. Slowly add in the drops of essential oils and mix well to avoid clumping.
  3. Store the scrub in an airtight container with a label for safety.
  4. To use, sprinkle a small amount of mixture into your tub or sink.
  5. Use a wet cloth or sponge to scrub.
  6. Rinse well.


I do not find this to be too abrasive, but be mindful of the material of your tub or sink.

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Jar of homemade sink and tub scrub.

Have you used a DIY scrub? What do you do to keep your sink and bathtub clean?

Christina at SWEET HAUTE

Saturday 18th of April 2015

Love natural cleaners, good new your post has been featured on the Show Me Saturdays Link up party this week on SWEET HAUTE. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Fee Roberts

Tuesday 14th of April 2015

Oh my goodness, I bet this smells wonderful! I love both these scents, though I've never thought to put them together. I'm definitely trying this :)


Tuesday 14th of April 2015

I know Essential oils were a total game changer for me… now I can’t live without them and can happily live without the chemicals and toxins


Wednesday 8th of April 2015

I've been trying to be more green about cleaning and this definitely helps! Thanks for sharing - will try this week :)

stop by and chat ♥

Julie Wood

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

I have to make some of this amazing Tub and sink scrub! I think it will make my tub and sink sparkle! Thanks for the recipe!

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