DIY Dog First Aid Kits for Adventurous Pets

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Dog first aid kits are great to have on hand. Having more than one is especially helpful when you are traveling, hiking, or anywhere away from home.

This DIY dog first aid kit is filled with the typical items found in a first aid kid, along with a few that are dog specific.

The contents of the kit include helpful items to treat a minor emergency. The kinds of things that are better to have and not need than to need and not have. This post contains affiliate links.

Dog first aid kit.

Accidents happen with pets just like they do with humans. It’s better to be prepared, especially when you can make your own dog first aid kits with affordable items.

Chances are you have most of these products in your medicine cabinet already. Pet first aid kits are ideal for summer adventures, and they even make great gifts for pet owners.

Contents of a pet first aid kit.

Here are some items you want to include in your kit. The first ten are ones that I consider the most basic and important to include.

The rest I recommend to be extra thorough, but you could make a useful kit without them.

Red box with first aid items for pets.

DIY Dog First Aid Kits List

  • Small Storage Box with Lid – Be sure to mark it, so you know it’s for pets.
  • Dog Treats – To reward or bribe an anxious pet.
  • Tweezers
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Ace Bandage
  • Peroxide – Pour some from your large bottle into a small dark glass bottle.
  • Cotton Balls
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Eye Wash
  • Copy of Shot Records – A must if you are on vacation. If you need to run to a different veterinarian, they won’t need to wait for records.
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Small Pen Flashlight
  • Children’s Benadryl
  • Instant Cold Pack and Instant Heat Pack
  • Small Pair of Scissors
  • Pet’s Medications – If your pet takes any prescribed medications, store some in the kit in case of a longer stay than planned.
  • Pet First Aid Guide – Handy to have on hand for obvious reasons.
  • DIY Calming Spray – Fill a spray bottle with water with a tsp of witch hazel and five drops of lavender essential oil. Helps to soothe and calm an agitated pet.

Having a pet first aid kit is helpful for anxious people, too. Anyone that knows me knows that I worry about everything — especially my dogs.

My anxiety shouldn’t keep them from coming with us on the boat, or other fun outings. If I know I am a little more prepared with a simple kit, it takes the edge off a tad.

Make dog first aid kits to put in your car, boat, camper, or any other vehicle that transports you to spring and summer fun.


A homemade first aid kit for dogs.

I am sure I don’t have to say that your dog first aid kit is not meant to replace your vet. It’s only for an emergency until you can get to a professional veterinarian.

Do you make dog first aid kits? Have anything we should add? 

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  1. I usually go on trips with my dog Sasha and guess what? I always forget some of her things! Good thing you made a list here. Is it OK to copy your list and make it mine? Thank you so much. Love lots 🙂

    1. Oh good, glad it helps! Yes, go ahead and print the list, of course! 🙂 There’s a little printer friendly button in the share buttons to make it print better. Thanks!

  2. Maryann D. says:

    DIY Dog First Aid Kits is really a terrific idea. It would be fun to make these and give them for gifts for my family members with pets.

  3. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says:

    This really is quite the fantastic idea! I mean, we as humans have first aid kids just in case of accidents so why not have something specific for our furry loved ones, too? I’m going to have to remember this for if and when I get an animal in the future!

  4. Best idea yet for ALL pet owners! Great list of items too. Thanks

  5. Debbie Welchert says:

    What a great list of things to have for your pet first aid kit. I watch my daughter’s dogs a lot and need to make one of these up just in case something happens while I’m watching them.

  6. This makes me think of all the different things that dogs can get into. Glad I don’t have a dog.

  7. shelly peterson says:

    These first aid kits are such a great idea. This is perfect for my friend and her dog.

  8. Pamela Smith says:

    My daughter did this for a 4-H project several years ago. Hers was a bit more of a disaster kit and we included extra leashes and colors too. I have 5 dogs and definitely need to put one of these together for when we go to the mountains or beach. Thanks for the list!

  9. What a great idea, and I would NOT have thought about this! Our fur babies need our proactive care, so I’m glad you shared this on Merry Monday!

  10. Lisa Queen says:

    This is great! My daughter just moved back home and brought her two puppies. This will be awesome to have on hand. Thank you!

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