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Must-Try Double Chocolate French Macaron Recipe

This double chocolate French macaron recipe has been perfected by my Aunt Carla and myself.

We must’ve made over a thousand macarons. It really is an art, and it’s not that difficult, but definitely takes a little practice.

The result is worth all the effort. These are crowd pleasers for sure.

Chocolate and vanilla macarons on a tray.

Double Chocolate French Macaron Recipe

The first thing to know about macarons is that you can rarely get away with flavoring the shells.

Because their main ingredient is whipped egg whites, it’s difficult to add flavor.

Most extracts will cause your whites to fall.

So, color is usually added, and the flavor is put in the filling.

Chocolate macaron shells.

However, we added cocoa powder to the shells, and it turned out perfectly scrumptious.

Paired with simple chocolate ganache, these naturally gluten-free cookies are delightful.

To make these, you’ll need to follow this French macaron recipe with just a couple alterations.

Double chocolate macarons on top of pink macarons on a plate.


Find the full list here for the shells,
and the chocolate ganache recipes here.

For the shells, you won’t need any food coloring, but you will need 1/3 cup of alkalized cocoa powder.

Otherwise just get everything else from that recipe linked above. (The chocolate ganache is the same.)

Chocolate macaron shells with ganache.


You can follow the directions for the white coconut macarons, but add the alkalized cocoa powder (affiliate link) to the sifted almond flour and sugar.

(You’ll want to use alkalized–aka Dutch processed–cocoa so it doesn’t affect the egg whites.)

For the shells, the remaining instructions are the same.

Other Ideas:

Make both ganache flavors and fill your pretty brown, chocolate macaron shells with white chocolate for a little extra contrast.

Collage of double chocolate macarons and chocolate ganache.

Play with the sizes of your shells. I made the most adorable mini macarons!

Be sure to use a template because matching them is crucial to have a good looking final product.

Double Chocolate French Macarons plated.

Play with extracts in the filling.

You could easily add mint, and even a little green food coloring to the white chocolate ganache for beautiful St. Patrick’s Day macarons.

For what occasion would you use this double chocolate French macaron recipe?

Lisa Brown

Monday 26th of June 2017

I have never made macaroons; they looks light and airy, too yummy to make considering I would eat just too many of them at one time :)


Saturday 17th of June 2017

I've never made macarons but I've always wanted to! I think I'll start with these...good father's day treat! Although I think my teen might devour them first.

Rana Durham

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

i have always wanted to make macaroons but too scaried i fail at it. i love how you go through all stepsc thourogly . i will have to do this soon.

Diane Hoffmaster

Monday 12th of June 2017

Those look absolutely fabulous! I have a horrid sweet tooth and these are one of my favorite treats. I think I need to go find some chocolate now!

Dawn McAlexander

Thursday 25th of May 2017

I haven't had a macaron since I was a kid, let alone a chocolate one. I can just imagine the taste. I think these sound great.

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