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Dry Shampoo, Oh How I Love You

Dear dry shampoo, I am not sure why I have been resisting you, but I apologize. You are now forever in my life. Seriously though. Have you tried dry shampoo yet? Don’t be like me and deny yourself this beauty shortcut. Product was received, and I am using affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Dry Shampoo before and after

Dry Shampoo – Super Beauty Hack

Okay, so I have been sent dry shampoos, I have gotten samples of dry shampoos, and I have even purchased dry shampoos, and for some strange reason, never tried them. I would see them in my cabinet and just think “there’s no way that works”. My hair gets oily and gross after one day. I have friends who go days without washing their hair, and it will end up looking better on day three. If I go three days without washing, you’d probably be able to wring the oil out of my hair.

Finally, after I was sent more bottles to try out, I gave it a try. All you do is spray it on your roots and brush through your hair. I just finger-combed mine. Like some sort of mystical sorcery, the oil is absorbed. I was left with clean, fresh hair that smelled amazing. Love at first spray.

Dry Shampoo

I have blonde hair, so I didn’t notice any powdery residue. I have heard that people with darker might experience this, and that dry shampoo specially for dark hair exists.

So far, I have only used dry shampoo on day two of not washing my hair. I have not gotten so bold as to try it out on day three yet.

Dry shampoo - save time

Dry shampoo solves one of my biggest daily battles now that I work from home. If I have to run out, I want to take a full shower first cause of my greasy hair problem. I don’t want to shower until I have worked out. I get busy doing stuff and never workout. Then, I never end up running my errands or working out. Vicious cycle. Now I can dry shampoo my hair, run my errands, and at least one thing gets done!

Have you tried dry shampoo?

Nicole Henry

Sunday 8th of November 2015

I have never had good luck with dry shampoo. Unless I'm just not liking the feel of it afterwards, not sure.

Amanda Stovall

Monday 13th of July 2015

Word!!!! Best invention EVERRR!!! I tell all my friends what they're missing out on!!! I'm glad you finally gave in & are totally in love with dry shampoo!!! It's definitely a life-saver!!! :)

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