Litter-Robot Cabinet Review

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It’s no surprise that we absolutely LOVE our Litter-Robot. But, now with the Litter-Robot Cabinet, we have more surface area for counter space and artwork!

We received the unfinished cabinet for review and I put the kids to work with decorating it.

They first painted it with regular wall paint. (My mom was in charge of photography for this part—she was fired from this job shortly after.)

Litter-Robot Cabinet

painting the Litter-Robot Cabinet

I then gave the kids complete creative freedom. My son, Adam, is the artist in the family.

My daughter, Chesney, and I definitely didn’t inherit this talent from my mom.

So Chesney decorated the top, while Adam designed the other three sides.

For the top, Chesney made vines with a flower.

Litter-Robot cabinet top

The two side panels are Minecraft inspired pieces…

This is our cat, Stewie, in Minecraft form using the Litter-Robot:

Minecraft inspired artwork on Litter-Robot Cabinet

For those of us unfamiliar with Minecraft, it’s a game of cubes.

My kids are totally addicted. Here is an example of a cat from Minecraft:

cat from Minecraft
Minecraft cat art

The other side panel:

second side of Litter-Robot cabinet

The front of the cabinet has quite a story as told by Adam…

There once was a dragon slayer whose axe, sword, shield and helmet were stolen by his son to slay a King dragon. When the dragon slayer found his armor and weapons covered with his son’s blood mixed with dragon blood his rage sent him on a quest to find and kill the King Dragon.

Litter-Robot Cabinet front

Yowza. That story is a bit depressing, but the artwork is pretty cool!

dragon drawing artwork
Litter-Robot art

This was a great exercise for the kids. The best part is we can always paint over it and create all new images.

The kids enjoyed using permanent markers because of the control they have over that medium but realized they like the way paint looks better.

Looks like we’ll be getting more practice someday in the future!

As for Stewie, he seems very entertained by all the action his potty is getting.

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  1. Melissa Say What? says:

    ” (My mom was in charge of photography for this part—she was fired from this job shortly after.)” — TOO FUNNY! That’s really cool that your children got to decorate the cabinet! Another Minecraft lover, I see. I’ve got one, too! After dealing with website graphics, I just can’t understand the love of it due to the pixelation, but it seems to be popular among children and adults of all ages. My son even creates YouTube videos!

    1. I thought the same thing about the graphics and Minecraft! But, it is really addicting–for all of us. :/ My kids watch YouTube videos of people playing it all the time! LOL Wouldn’t it be funny if they watch your son!

  2. OK. I totally want this. I have the Litter robot. Must have cabinet.

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