Mother’s Day Self-Care: Lotions, Potions, and More Gift Ideas for a Magical Mom

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As someone who loves to spoil my people with self-care items, I’m excited to share this Mother’s Day gift guide with you. After all, moms are some of the most magical people out there, and they deserve all of the pampering on their special day.

Full disclosure: I’ve received some of the items featured in this post for review purposes, and I am using affiliate links in some cases. I’ve tested these products myself, and I wouldn’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t use.

From luxurious lotions and potions to scented candles and soothing towels, these gifts are all about helping your mom relax and recharge. Get ready to discover some new and exciting items for spring, either for gift giving or yourself!

Self-Care Magic: Lotions, Potions, and Other Bath and Body Products for Your Magical Mom


Truffoire body butter open on top of the scrub and next to the cream.

Moms deserve the best of the best when it comes to self-care. And that’s where Truffoire comes in! Their body butter, salt scrub, and body cream are like a luxurious spa treatment that mom can enjoy at home.

Truffoire’s Salt Scrub is a gentle exfoliant that uses Dead Sea salt to reveal softer, smoother skin. The light and refreshing scent will make your mom feel like she’s at the beach. The Body Butter is a rich and creamy moisturizer that melts into skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and nourished. The Body Cream is a lightweight lotion that provides long-lasting hydration and leaves skin delicately scented.

Truffoire Gourmet Skincare

Truffoire Salt Scrub:

  • Gentle exfoliant using Dead Sea salt
  • Reveals softer, smoother skin
  • Light, refreshing scent

Truffoire Body Butter:

  • Rich and creamy moisturizer
  • Melts into skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and nourished
  • Perfect for dry skin

Truffoire Body Cream:

  • Lightweight lotion
  • Provides long-lasting hydration
  • Delicately scented
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Aminnah rose bath and body products.

Treat your mom to some colorful and fluffy self-care this Mother’s Day with Aminnah’s line of all-natural, vegan-friendly body care products. Their collection includes body butters, sugar polishes, whipped soap, body oils, hair serums, bath fizz, and more – all with fun, playful ingredients that will make your mom smile.

One of the things that sets Aminnah apart is their focus on fun textures. Their whipped soap is like a fluffy cloud of soap that transforms into a rich, foamy lather, and their body butter is whipped to perfection, making it super fun to apply.

The rose-scented products smell amazing. You guys, they even have rainbow products called “Unicorn Dreams!” So pretty.

Aminnah Skin Care
  • Vegan-friendly and all-natural
  • Fun and playful ingredients
  • Whipped soap with a fluffy, foamy texture
  • Body butter whipped to perfection for easy application
  • Woman-owned brand with a commitment to ethical sourcing
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Cleansing balm and other skin care from Unnaturally Natural.

If all-natural products are on your checklist for gift giving, check out UNNATURALLY NATURAL. This Japanese skincare brand is all about clean, vegan J-beauty. Their formula-first, purposefully-made selections are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, gluten-free, and sulfate-free – perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

One of my favorite products from UNNATURALLY NATURAL is their cleansing balm. I usually prefer foaming face wash, but this cleansing balm surprised me with how effective it was at removing makeup and grossness while leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

  • Clean, vegan J-beauty for a flawless complexion
  • Complete line of products, including cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, gluten-free, and sulfate-free
  • Effective formula-first, purposefully-made selections for all skin types
  • Cleansing balm that effectively removes makeup and impurities while leaving skin soft and hydrated
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Want something that’s both fun and a little bewitching? You must check out Sucreabeille. This indie perfume brand and its fabulous little bottles are what inspired the name of this blog post. They look like magical potions and I’m obsessed!

With a wide range of fragrance profiles to choose from, including classic, nerdy, witchy, goth, and femme, there’s something for everyone. And with playful, artistic labels and lovely bottles, exploring Sucreabeille’s artisanal perfumes is an experience in itself.

If you’re not sure where to start, Sucreabeille offers seasonally rotating Discovery Sets and themed collection sets, so you can try a little bit of everything. Having smelled many of the scents myself, I highly recommend getting several of the mini vials, so you can find your faves!

All of Sucreabeille’s products are blended fresh in small batches and nearly all items are made to order. And as a woman-owned, vegan, cruelty-free brand based out of Washington state, you can feel good about supporting a business that’s committed to making the world a little more whimsical.

Sucreabeille Fragrances
  • Wide range of fragrance profiles to choose from
  • Playful and artistic labels and bottles
  • Seasonally rotating Discovery Sets and themed collection sets
  • All products blended fresh in small batches and nearly all items made to order
  • Woman-owned, vegan, and cruelty-free brand based in Washington state
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Night cream, toner, and serum from InstaNatural.

Is mom getting her vitamins lately? Well, you can gift her InstaNatural for a nice vitamin C boost in the skin.

Their Vitamin C Toner, Serum, and Moisturizer trio is packed with powerful ingredients like vitamin C, witch hazel, and hyaluronic acid to brighten skin, reduce signs of aging, and protect against environmental stressors.

I’ve tried the serum, night cream, and toner and I love how they feel on my skin. Plus, they’re all vegan and cruelty-free!

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum
  • Brightens discoloration
  • Defends against environmental aggressors
  • Strengthens skin's protective barrier
  • Provides instant hydration
  • Boosts skin's ability to retain moisture
  • Supports collagen production
  • Minimizes dark spots and discoloration
  • 86% of users saw an overall improvement in their skin
  • Natural light citrus scent
  • Formulated without 1500+ harmful ingredients
  • Certified cruelty-free
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Challans de Paris

Lotions in a rainbow of boxes from Challans de Paris.

Oooh, we’re getting fancy now. The Challans de Paris line of skincare products brilliantly caters to caring for skin, with a focus on rejuvenating, lifting, hydrating, and gentle pore care for even the most sensitive skin.

Backed by science and packaged in elegance, Challans de Paris’ products are a must-have for anyone looking for Parisian luxury in their self-care routine. I do wish the packages were easier to read, but check the website for detailed info about each product.

Challans de Paris
  • Luxurious line of skincare products
  • Backed by science and packaged in elegance
  • Focus on rejuvenating, lifting, hydrating, and gentle pore care
  • Includes a lightweight foundation that eliminates imperfections and prevents UV damage
  • Five charming series created with skin care experts in the lab
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Beloved Bath

Get ready for fun packaging with addictive scents with Beloved Bath! Their collection of soaps, scrubs, body butter, and candles will have you feeling and smelling fantastic.

But what’s really special about Beloved Bath is that they provide meaningful employment for people with autism, allowing them to create high-quality, cruelty-free products that make a real impact.

My personal fave? The grapefruit body butter! It has the perfect light scent and goes on smooth without any greasy after-feel. The flower soaps are also adorable and make the perfect gift!

Beloved Bath Candles and Bath Products
  • Handmade self-care products
  • Luscious aromas from soaps, scrubs, body butter, candles and more
  • Made with love from people with autism
  • Cruelty-free and phthalate-free
  • Uses plant-based oils farmed by sustainable growers
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Dignity Coconuts

Talk about a versatile product, coconut oil from Dignity coconuts is something mom can use on her skin or in the kitchen. Made by moms for moms, you can’t go wrong with this socially responsible company!

Dignity Coconuts
$19.95 ($1.33 / Fl Oz)

Get a free jar with your first order when you sign up for text or email on their website!

If you're looking for a high-quality, socially responsible beauty product, look no further than Dignity Coconuts' organic coconut oil and lip balm. Their coconut oil is 100% raw and pure, crafted below 118°F to preserve micronutrients and extracted using a centrifuge machine. Plus, it's 100% organic, free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

The oil has a mild taste and smell, making it perfect for cooking or using on your skin and hair. It's bottled at the source to ensure the finest purity and freshness, and Dignity Coconuts is committed to direct trade, fighting modern-day slavery by training and funding their farmers.

Their lip balm is also a winner. Made with organic, chemical-free, and vegan ingredients, it leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated. It's free of synthetic fragrances and other harmful ingredients, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a natural, socially responsible lip balm.

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Other Luxurious Self-Care Gift Ideas

VOLO Beauty

Towels, face rags, and scrunchies from Volo Beauty.

With all of these bath and body goodies, what about what you use during and after the bath? VOLO Beauty’s line of hair and face towels are a way to keep the pampering going as you dry off.

As someone who’s struggled with insanely inflamed rosacea for the past year, I can’t say enough about the gentle and soothing qualities of their face towels. The towels are made of a soft and luxurious material that’s perfect for taking care of sensitive and delicate skin.

VOLO Beauty’s Hero Hair Towel is what’s really changed the game. Made of extra plush Nanoweave™ material, it’s designed to absorb water in wet hair quickly and effectively, cutting down on dry time. Plus, the unique snug strap keeps the towel securely in place, so you can go about your getting ready routine without it slipping off.

Whether your mom is dealing with sensitive skin like I am or simply looking for a more convenient and effective hair drying experience, I think VOLO Beauty’s line of towels are a great choice for a Mother’s Day gift.

VOLO Hero Microfiber Face Towel
$28.00 ($9.33 / Count)
  • Soft and gentle on the skin, made with Nanoweave microfiber fabric
  • Quickly and efficiently absorbs water to dry your face with no residue left behind
  • Protects your skin barrier, leaving your skin radiant and glowing
  • Eco-friendly and reusable, machine washable for easy cleaning
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Kedzie Bucket Bag

Looking for a stylish and practical Mother’s Day gift? Check out the Kedzie Aries 3-Way Convertible Bucket Bag in gorgeous pink! This bag is not only trendy and versatile, but it’s also made of vegan leather, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Whether she’s running errands, going to work, or heading out to a girls’ night, this bag can be worn three different ways to fit mom’s needs. And with its spacious interior and multiple pockets, she can easily store all her essentials.

It’s been a while since I changed my purse over, and I can honestly say that I am loving this Kedzie Aries bag. It’s the perfect color for spring, but I feel like it’s going to take me through many more seasons than that. I’ve already received a ton of compliments on it too.

KEDZIE Aries Convertible Bucket Bag
  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Made with high-quality vegan leather
  • Can be worn as a crossbody, shoulder bag or backpack
  • Spacious interior with multiple pockets
  • Perfect for everyday use or a night out
  • Available in multiple colors to match any outfit

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The Pony Pick

Brush and packages of the Pony Pick.

I would say removing a frustration is a great gift idea. You can do that with The Pony Pick! Say goodbye to the struggle of removing elastic hair bands from your child’s ponytail.

The Pony Pick is a patent-pending hair elastic band remover that eliminates tears and struggles for hairdos and un-dos for kids and adults. It’s safe, easy-to-use, and perfect for special events and sports activities.

The Signature Box includes everything you need to achieve a perfect pony – a Pony Pick, three hair coils, a mini-brush, and 75 elastics in black, brown, and clear. It makes a great gift for moms who want to make styling hair quick, carefree, and fun for their little ones.

The Pony Pick
$17.95 $11.99 ($4.00 / Count)
  • Easy-to-use hair elastic band remover
  • Safe and pain-free removal of hair elastics
  • Comes with a Pony Pick, 3 hair coils, mini-brush, and 75 elastics in black, brown, and clear
  • Perfect for special events and sports activities
  • Great gift idea for moms, kids, and caregivers
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Is it even a gift guide if we don’t include some tasty treats? If you know your mom’s favorite snacks or desserts, by all means load her up on them!

If you want to surprise her with new and exciting desserts, I got you there.

For possibly the most delicious delivered cupcakes I’ve tried to date, order from Crumbs Bakeshop.

Crumbs Bakeshop

Skip the mess and order colorful treats online! If you're too busy or don't feel like making your own desserts, Crumbs Bakeshop is loaded with rainbow, sprinkly, and delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Get ready to drool when you browse their site!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If popcorn is mom’s munchie of choice, Prospector Popcorn is a must-try! They have sweet and savory options to choose from, and you cannot go wrong with either.

Prospector Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn lovers will flip over these unique flavor combos! Enjoy bags of salty and sweet snacks while you support a company who provides competitive employment for people with disabilities. The freshly popped popcorn is absolutely addicting and irresistible!

Product was sent for review purposes.

I hope these self-care gift suggestions give you some great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, or just a treat for yourself!

Find more fun products like these in my Galentine’s Day gift guide, my 2020 Mother’s Day gift ideas, and Gift ideas for anxious people guide.

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