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Gift Ideas for Women Who Do it All

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What do all these goodies I’ve unboxed have in common? My thoughts are that they all make great gift ideas for women who do it all. This post is sponsored by Most women I know are busier than ever wearing multiple hats and juggling impossible to-do lists.

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It never ceases to amaze me when I meet a lady who seems to have all her bases covered. Of course, we never see the full picture. The perfectly manicured woman you see may have a mountain of laundry at home that’s taking up half a room. However, at this point of my adulthood, I’m impressed by any indicator of a person achieving even a hint of balance.

If you’re shopping for a woman who does any or all of these activities, here are some cool products I now know about that might make a good fit.

Gift Ideas for Women Who Run the Show


If you know a Wonder Woman who manages to squeeze fitness into her busy days, she most definitely deserves the best headphones.

AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones are designed to fit more securely and comfortably. The new design is inspired by the demands of elite athletes, making them extra perfect for multitasking moms.

Aftershokz headphones sitting on gift box

Have you ever skipped wearing earbuds because you don’t want to shut out the noise completely? Maybe because you need to keep an ear on your kids or just don’t feel comfortable silencing your surroundings in general?

Trekz Air headphones are open-ear, super lightweight headphones that rest over your ear. The experience is superior sound while allowing you to hear what’s happening around you, as well.

Whether you’re shopping for a runner, multitasking mom, podcast enthusiast, or music fanatic, these headphones are a win. The new design is also extremely durable and ready to take on nasty weather, sweat, and dirt.

AfterShokz Air Open Ear Headphones
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07/24/2021 02:48 pm GMT


Does the busy woman in your life get dressed and also manage to accessorize herself properly? Get her some bling with this stunning necklace from Charles & Colvard. The Signature Halo Moissanite Necklace 0.91CTW in 14K white gold is simple yet elegantly eye-catching.

Charles & Colvard Signature Halo Moissanite Necklace 0.91CTW in 14K White Gold

Part of the Signature Collection, this Forever One halo necklace has a Moissanite gem. What’s a Moissanite gem you may ask? I just learned that it’s a naturally occurring gemstone that’s recreated responsibly and ethically in a lab.

Since a Moissanite gem is not mined, there is no displaced earth or contaminated water during the creation process. Not to mention it’s insanely brilliant and sparkly!

Be sure to check for special offers and discounts on their social media channels and website.

Moissanite Halo Pendant
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The busier the woman, the more relaxation needed. Encourage recharging with a Chesapeake Bay Candle. The brand is wellness-driven focusing on nature-inspired scents and a clean and contemporary design.

Chesapeake Bay Candle stillness + purity rose water

Amongst the Mind & Body Collection, the Stillness + Purity fragrance I received is one of the many mood-enhancing products they carry. The candles contain 100% pure essential oils and a soy wax blend contained in a softly colored glass jar that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is the nose.

Stillness + Purity Rose Water includes some of my favorite essential oils providing a soothing and calming experience.

Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body products make an excellent gift for everyone, especially health and wellness enthusiasts. Feel good about your purchase as the candles are designed and poured in the USA.

Stillness + Purity Candle
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07/24/2021 02:12 pm GMT


You know what? Men aren’t the only ones who need a little facial hair attention now and then. A quick removal of the peach fuzz leaves us ladies feeling smooth and polished. The Finishing Touch Flawless facial hair remover is quick and painless.

Finishing touch flawless

The 18K gold plated head and built-in light makes this product the new gold standard in facial hair removal tools. Even the busiest of woman can safely and quickly erase facial hair and peach fuzz without the worry of redness, bumps, or irritation.

Afraid the hair will grow back thicker? According to the package, hair will not grow back thicker — guaranteed!

Erase the waxing appointment from the packed calendar with this handy beauty tool. Upper lip hair, pesky chin whisker, and any other unwanted hairs can say goodbye!

Finishing Touch Flawless
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07/24/2021 10:27 am GMT


Socks are no longer a lame gift idea. Not when they are as cute as Fun Socks Fun x Fiorucci Women’s Sheer Crew Socks. Sheer socks are unique, sexy, and fashion forward for your woman who does it all.

Fun Socks Fun x Fiorucci Women’s Sheer Crew Socks

Explore the limited edition collection which includes the socks and several other winter accessories. Pair with sneakers, heels, or lounge around the house in these incredibly comfy socks. The neon red color and sheer filament panels are sure to impress any recipient of this gift.

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Gifting a gracious hostess this season? Grab this stunning ALDI Cocktail Shaker and Glasses. Yes, ALDI.

Your next grocery shopping trip can supply you with some hot and affordable gifts. I stopped underestimating ALDI a long time ago, but in case you didn’t know — ALDI rocks.

Cocktail shaker and glasses

Grab the Crofton Chef’s Collection Cocktail Shaker for under $10 starting 12/19/18. For a limited time only, you can score this unique shaker that has a dial on it for a shortcut to Master Mixologist status.

Turn the dial to your favorite drink recipe to reveal the ingredients on the shaker. I was already impressed by the rose gold color, but once I saw the recipe dial, I thought of several people who would love this gift.

Also, grab the Crofton Chef’s Collection Moscow Mules or wine Glasses to go along with the shaker. The beautiful drinkware is available 12/19/18, as well, for a limited time and are only $8.99 for a set of two.

If you’re shopping online, there’s a similar rose gold cocktail shaker on amazon.

Dial-A-Drink Cocktail Shaker
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07/24/2021 09:22 am GMT

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Let us know which gift ideas for women who do it all are your favorite!

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