Painting Made Easy with PaintStick Mini

As we finish up some last minute projects before a big trip we are taking – one of the rooms in our home needed some attention. It was not the floor, not the walls, and not the furniture…it was the ceiling. HomeRight helps DIYers take on DIY projects quickly and easily with tons of innovative products. I was happy to receive for review the PaintStick Mini – it helped us a ton as we repainted the ceiling!

Painting a Ceiling – PaintStick Mini

The ceiling in the bedroom that we designated as the nursery had stuff stuck to the ceiling. Do you remember those glow-in-the-dark stars that kids had on their ceilings in and around the 90’s? I had them! Anyway – they were stuck on this ceiling with those double sided foam circles that don’t ever come off very nicely. Someone had tried to take some off and ripped into the drywall and it was a mess, and some were just still sticky. After some sanding, filling holes, sanding again, etc. we needed to even it all out with a coat or two of paint.

Painting Made Easy with PaintStick Mini

The PaintStick Mini made the painting process so much easier. With the PaintStick Mini, you are able to draw up paint into the roller stick so you don’t have to go up and down to refill your roller. Ideally, you should be able to fill up and do quite a bit of painting before filling again. I was worried at first that the paint would get drippy, and it did a little bit if you pushed too much paint out of the roller head, but drips can happen with a typical roller as well. As long as you keep moving, you are able to cover with a smooth even coat quite easily. They also sell a full size PaintStick, that would provide more coverage. Another thing I was worried about was clean up. It also turned out to be pretty easy; I just took everything apart in the bathtub and rinsed it all out per the instructions. It only took a couple minutes before it looked (practically) brand new again!

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If you have a painting project coming up, I would recommend you take a look at the products available through HomeRight. They have a variety of paint rollers, sprayers, and products that make painting faster.

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  1. Wow, this looks neat!! The nest time we need to paint a room we will definitely get PaintStick Minis. Thank you for this review.

  2. This sounds awesome. We are going to be doing some painting this spring, so this might come in handy!

  3. Clean up is usually half the battle, glad it was easy. We usually paint in the spring/summer for drying purposes and hose everything off on the lawn, the tub makes much more sense lol.

  4. I have heard about these, and I think it is so neat that it dries white. It sure will prevent having to go over a room again to touch up all of the missed spots!

  5. I actually have a full sized paint stick! It’s pretty awesome! Now I want to get the mini one too – we have a ton of painting coming up when we switch our daughter’s room to our home office.

  6. I have never tried a paintstick, but this looks like it would really be handy. We totally repainted our house last year and have some touchups to do this spring.

  7. What a great idea.. this is something I always kept saying I soo need and someone created it..LOVE it.. I can not wait to get my hands on those.. and boy am I ready to start painting..Love your color…:-) thanks for sharing

    1. Lol.. just realized that it’s one of those pink turns white paints…LOL.. sorry, I kept thinking why would she paint the ceiling pink.. but Oh well.. Still love the pink color… hahah

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