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Positive Tweeting to Encourage Positive Thinking

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Positive thinking seems to be more challenging these days, doesn’t it? I think it has a lot to do with social media and our instant access to, well, everything. We now know the news as it happens, what our friends had for breakfast, and everything else you can think of. Social media is amazing like that, but it also has a dark side. Did you know that last year women sent out over 5 million negative tweets about beauty and body image? Not cool, ladies. We need to change this. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own. 

Twitter bird

Positive Tweeting

All it takes is one positive tweet to start a trend. We all know how a nice compliment first thing in the morning can set the day off to a good start. Same can be said for a tweet. You can tweet positive quotes, inspiring words, loving thoughts to friends and family, or anything that can help someone out there on the road towards positive thinking. They say smiling is contagious. So is positive tweeting. 😉

Not all of those 5 million tweets were directed at other people. Many of them were simply women voicing their insecurities about themselves. I am so guilty of this. I am not one to criticize what someone is wearing at the Oscars, but I don’t think twice about putting myself down. Fun side note: If I ever feel like talking smack about what anyone is wearing while watching an awards show, I like to surprise myself with a front-facing camera shot. That’s a quick reminder that I am most likely in sweats, no makeup, messy bun, and a giant dog face t-shirt. I have no business to cut down another woman!

Back to the point. We need to change the vibe out there. We need to spread positivity, not hate and throw shade, or whatever the kids say these days. Personally, I need to stop beating myself up, even if it is sarcastically.

Be the reason someone smiles today

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Positive thinking is so important to our mental well-being. How do you stay positive or encourage others to do so? 

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