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Straightening Hair Brush Pros and Cons

Can a straightening hair brush be the new ultimate shortcut in beauty tools? I certainly had my doubts, so I had to try one for myself. I received a ceramic hair straightening brush from HSI Professionals to give it a try.

Straightening Hair Brush Pros and Cons

For starters, I obviously cannot speak for all hair types. I have fine hair with a slight natural wave in most spots with an extra wavy patch in the back. Normally, to get my hair extra straight, I blow-dry it with a round brush and use a flat iron.

Straightening hair brush before and after

To test out the straightening hair brush, I let my hair air dry. The goal was to see how the brush would smooth out the waves. You can see in the picture the difference between my before and after. Yes, I used a Snapchat filter since I wasn’t wearing makeup. Thank you, technology.

HSI Professionals Glider Brush

Straightening Hair Brush Pros and Cons

  • Fast: The brush itself heats up in seconds. Using it is as simple as brushing your hair. I went over the waviest sections more slowly, but never more than three passes with the brush.
  • Hot: In my experience, my hair responds best to extreme heat. In order to get curls to hold, I need to use my curling wand that heats to 450 degrees. This brush heats from 350-450, so I used the max setting.
  • Safety: It has an auto shutoff safety mode which I am sure most of us can feel good about.
  • Convenient: If I want my hair to look its best, I will use a flat iron. However, to save time, or for a touch-up, this brush is a great solution. On Thanksgiving, I did my hair early in the morning. I ended up laying on my hair and got up with bed head. A few quick strokes of the brush and the evidence of my disco nap was gone.
  • Smooth: The first time I used the brush my hair seemed like it was full of static for a few minutes. Thankfully, HSI Professionals include Argan Oil in the box. Just a tiny drop of the oil smooths everything out. I purposely left a section without oil, too, to see what would happen. It calmed down shortly after and that fly-away experience stopped.

Heated hair brush for straightening and smoothing hair

My overall thoughts about the glider brush are that it’s a useful beauty tool in a time crunch. It’s ideal for freshening up your look, smoothing out your hair after a long day, and in my case, a quick fix if I let my hair air dry.

Hair before and after using a heated straightening hair brush

If your hair is very curly, I don’t think this brush will replace your flat iron. It will touch up your hair after your normal routine, but don’t have the expectation that it will do the job alone.

HSI Professionals glider brush

Although it’s not replacing any of my beauty tools, I am happy to add the straightening hair brush to my arsenal. It’s definitely a tool that will get a lot of use.

Have you tried a straightening hair brush yet?


Wednesday 27th of February 2019

I really like my Karmin.


Wednesday 27th of February 2019

I agree that Karmin is a great brand, as well. :)

Holly Wright

Sunday 11th of December 2016

My favorite feature is Auto Shutoff Safety Mode.


Sunday 11th of December 2016

I would like to try the brush because my hair is frizz-FULL. I've never used any such hair tool - I am curious about the heat idea.

Renee Rousseau

Sunday 11th of December 2016

The Glider Straightening Brush adjustable temperature setting is an important feature to me. I made the mistake of buying a flatiron without this feature.

courtney hennagir

Sunday 11th of December 2016

I love the digital display so you know exactly how hot it is.Also love that it heats up very quickly so you don't have to wait around forever.

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