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10 Tips To Get More Restful Sleep

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Sleep is so important and can really have a big impact on overall health. With so many distractions in our lives these days, getting the most restful sleep can be quite challenging. I have partnered with Dreamwater on this post to share with you my personal tips on how I enjoy a deeper sleep. All opinions are my own.

tips for more restful sleep

10 Tips To Get More Restful Sleep

  1. Exercise – Being more active during the day always helps me sleep better at night. What time of the day to workout is the tricky part. Sometimes I am ready for bed right after a workout. Other times, exercise can leave me totally energized and restless. So, find what is best for you. I think morning workouts are probably best for several reasons.
  2. Limit Caffeine – Stop the caffeine after 3-4 pm or even earlier so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep. Even if you think it doesn’t bother you, it might be limiting your time in a good, deep sleep.
  3. Drink Dream WaterDream Water is a drug-free sleep-shot that contains a blend of natural ingredients that help you fall asleep faster and sleep sounder.
  4. Darken Your Room –  Try to limit as much light as possible from coming into your bedroom. Wear sleep shades if you can tolerate them.
  5. Aromatherapy – Certain essential oils can be very relaxing, like lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and my personal favorite – eucalyptus. Find what works for you.
  6. Meditate – Relax your mind and try to mentally erase all racing thoughts before you lay down for the night. Possibly jot down any ideas and last minute notes so they aren’t running though your mind all night.
  7. New Pillow – Get at least one insanely comfy pillow. Throw out the old, smooshed ones that have completely lost their form. I have several pillows all around me strategically placed for the ultimate comfort.
  8. Temperature Check – Don’t even try to sleep in the heat! Turn on the A/C or get a fan so you can sleep well.
  9. Move Gadgets – Charge your gadgets in another room, if possible. The white noise and even some lights that they emanate can mess with your sleep.
  10. No Booze – Regardless of what people think about alcohol making them sleepy, it actually does not give you the good, restful sleep that your body requires.

These are just my personal tips! I am not a medical professional, so see a doctor if you have insomnia issues.

About Dream Water


My husband and I have both been taking Dream Water quite often when we feel like the extra relaxation is needed. Especially with Mike working the crazy hours that he has been. He goes from day shift to night shift sometimes in the same 24 hour period! How the heck do you adjust to that sleep schedule? We always keep Dream Water on hand so he can take a shot to help him wind down. He finds that it really helps him better than anything else that he has tried – including over-the-counter sleep aid pills.

Dream Water has found a cocktail of 3 ingredients that work together to help you relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep soundly. GABA helps to relax, MELATONIN helps induce sleep, and 5-HTP improves the quality of sleep.

I would suggest giving Dream Water a try if you need a little help sleeping better. I have also taken it to relax me on plane rides because I am such a nervous flyer.

Order Dream Water online through their website, on, or Also look for it at your local Walgreens or Walmart.

What is your best tip to sleep better?

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