5 Tips to Help Stay Focused and Get More Done

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How to stay focused is one of my biggest struggles. In fact, I feel a little unqualified to give anyone tips! There are some simple things you can do to stay focused, though. Even if they allow you to complete one task, it’s worth it. We all know how good it feels to cross something off the list. 5 Tips to Help Stay Focused

5 Simple Tips to Help Stay Focused

  1. Declutter – Cleaning up your space is a huge way to improve focus. I know when my work area is a mess, it creates constant distractions. Like the bills sitting next to me right now. I know they need to get paid. Having them in my peripheral vision is not conducive to a productive environment.
  2. Unplug – Depending on what you are focusing on, it might help to unplug as much as possible. Working on the internet, this is not entirely practical, but I can put my phone on silent, close several tabs, and turn off sound notifications to help stay focused on the task at hand.
  3. Health – We all know that eating right and exercising helps with overall health, and that includes focus. Sometimes all it takes is a few jumping jacks to get the blood pumping to fire up those brainwaves a bit.
  4. Supplements – This goes along with health, but no matter how amazing you are with your diet and exercise plan, most of us can still benefit from additional nutrients. I have to be extra careful when it comes to taking supplements for focus. I seem to be extremely sensitive to a lot of the typical ingredients. UBERA is working out well for me. I will discuss in detail below.
  5. Eat Regularly – Eating in small regular intervals can help stabilize the blood sugar and fuel your brain. I find that if I wait too long between meals, I get tired, confused, and even have heart palpitations.

5 Tips to Help Stay Focused


UBERA is an herbal formulation design to support both heart health and brain function. UBERA is a unique blend of three of the oldest known herbs – Hawthorn, Ginkgo, and Kudzu all in one capsule. All of these herbs are known to help support blood flow and sharpen the mind. The product is made in the USA with all natural ingredients. UBERA Supplement After taking UBERA, I am happy to report that I do feel more focused. I feel alert, awake, and like I can concentrate a bit better. What I am even more happy about is what I don’t feel – which is anxious and jittery. Those are two things I try to avoid like the plague in a supplement. UBERA is something I can take and forget about. The positive results are subtle, yet noticeable enough to let me know it’s working.

Do you have any tips on how to stay focused?

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  1. Great tips. I think it is so easy to become distracted especially with all of the technology available. It is the norm to multi-task instead of focusing on one thing and getting it done.

  2. I have always had a problem focusing. I need something to get my mind back in shape and not so much off on a tangent! Supplements I have not ever been big fan of, but it might help.

  3. I have a huge problem with focus lately. It’s been terrible, but I am trying to relax more and stay off the computer when I don’t have to be on it!

  4. My biggest tip is to psyche yourself out to be focused. When I really zero in on something, I’m like a horse with blinders. All I can see is what I’m trying to accomplish.

  5. Make sure to get enough sleep. It’s amazing how a good night’s sleep can help you stay focused. Thanks for sharing these tips. They sure do help.

  6. These are great strategies. I get distracted for hours at a time and it really cuts into the amount of work I get done!

  7. I have never heard of UBERA before. I will have to see if it would be right for me. I like to turn all my devices off at eight o’clock every night so i can focus on relaxing and not work.

  8. Of course a good nights sleep really is the way to feel energized and alert all day. But a good cup of coffee really gives me the needed boost to keep me going during the day. I like this supplement. I will have to check it out.

  9. Thanks for some great tips. As a busy working mom I found your 5 tips very helpful since I need to work on focusing better.

  10. Diet and environment are huge factors in you ability to concentrate! You have to take care of your body and living/work area!

  11. I have a tough time staying focused. At times it isnt bad, others not so good. I try and get outdoors.. there is something about being outdoors that is calming. I dont carry a phone, and usually wont wear headphones. One of my favorite things is weeding the garden right now. No one else wants to do it, and I zen out.

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