Waterproof Phone Case Review

Have you ever spilled something on your phone or dropped it in water? Ugh. I remember when I forgot I had phone in my back pocket and then went to use the bathroom and plop! Right into the toilet. As gross as that is, so many people do it! Well, thanks to OtterBox, you never have to worry about your phone again. I received the OtterBox Preserver to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Can you find my phone in this pic? @OtterBox #OtterBoxPreserver

Best Waterproof Phone Case

I have used several waterproof phone cases and had problems with over heating and people not being able to hear me. Well, for the first time, I am so excited to announce that the OtterBox Preserver is absolutely perfect! My phone doesn’t get crazy hot, everyone can hear me fine and it’s waterproof AND shockproof! I’ve been using this case for only a few days and have already tested its limits. I threw it in my Gram’s pond, dropped it face down (on accident) onto asphalt and it’s perfect.



How safe is your phone? Waterproof? Shockproof? Dustproof? #OtterBoxPreserver

I am using the OtterBox Preserver on my Galaxy S5 and maybe it’s just because I love the phone so much, but I think it’s pretty freaking sexy. In fact, when I was taking photos, I found myself turning this into a full blown photo shoot like super model style. LOL

Galaxy S5 in Waterproof OtterBox case

You may be thinking, yeah, your phone is safe, but isn’t it bulky now? Well, yeah. It’s a bit bulkier than I’d prefer but because I abuse it so much it’s totally worth it. Personally I love the lanyard because I throw it on my wrist and go, but it is quite frequently bumping into things and being dropped so the fact that this case is also shockproof is a huge bonus. Plus, I found this adorable wallet/phone case from Stella and Dot that fits the phone and case perfectly! And it comes in all kids of cute colors and patterns!

Stella and Dot Wallet fits Galaxy S5 in OtterBox case!

Visit the OtterBox website to see if they offer a case for your phone! Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter too for all the latest info and deals!

Worry free waterproof and shockproof case #OtterBoxPreserver

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  1. dropped iphone and the screen glass cracked

  2. Emma Dean Smith says:

    I dropped another phone I had before this one in the toilet.

  3. the worst thing that happened to my phone was it fell in the toilet lol boy i needed the waterproof case then!

  4. Not to me, but my sister dropped her new iPhone and shattered the screen.

  5. Sharon Howard says:

    I dropped my brand new iPhone 5 and cracked the screen. The insurance copay to replace it was almost as much as what I paid to get it in the first place.

  6. I dropped my phone in the toilet. So I got another and I dropped it the other day and the otterbox case protected it from breaking the screen but now I can text long ways so now my daughter has to take it to sprint to see what’s wrong with it. I’d love to have a waterproof case. Least I dropped the phone in the toilet before I went to the bathroom. Lol! Thank you for the cool giveaway 🙂

  7. Leigh Anne says:

    Well, the unfortunate happened–fell in the toilet! Not a good idea!

  8. Anita Mitchell says:

    My ex boyfriend smashed it to pieces when he was mad…..

  9. Sue Ellison says:

    I haven’t had anything too serous happen to mine, but my son was at a track meet and had a shot put dropped on his. The screen was destroyed, but the phone still worked.

  10. April Farley says:

    This is so me. I am as clumsy as they come. I was sitting on the couch & had a glass of iced tea between my legs. Dropped my phone out of my hand strait to the bottom of that tall glass of Tea. It went black. I stuck it in rice real quick like. Took 2 days but it did dry out. Been sluggish ever since though. Who does stuff like that ! Besides me of course. lol

  11. Colleen Maurina says:

    The worst things that happen to my iPhone is usually in the hands of my grandson! Spills, sticky hands and pushing all the wrong buttons.

  12. Crystal F says:

    My daughter’s phone fell out of her pocket and the screen shattered. It was so bad that the whole inside of the phone fell out. Thank you!

  13. I’ve been very lucky with my phones and have had nothing serious happen to them, but I always try to have a good case on them!

  14. Cynthia C says:

    I take very good care of my phone, so the worst thing I’ve had is a smudgy screen.

  15. My phones get small scratches on them but that’s the worst of the physical damage I have ever done.

  16. DailyWoman (Lacey) says:

    I am waiting for the Agility case to come out I so want one for my Ipad.

  17. DailyWoman (Lacey) says:

    My phone has been pretty lucky no big accidents so far.

  18. Kathy Luman says:

    I had a new phone for about a week before dropping it on the cement. It still worked but had a crack in it.

  19. Abby Kraynick says:

    Dropped it in the toilet a few weeks while attending a concert.. SO GROSS. I cried for like 30 minutes and then gather up the courage to grab it out..

  20. It got ran over with the snowblower

  21. My husband dropped his phone off a two story building. It fell into a puddle of water. Luckily, it DID have an Otterbox case on it. The case broke, but the phone still works!

  22. I jumped in the pool and forgot my phone was in my pocket – it was a goner for sure!

  23. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I dropped it off the side of my father-in-laws boat and ruined it.

  24. Jennifer Holt says:

    I dropped it in the toilet

  25. I am really rough on phones! cracked screens, dropped in pond, fell in pool, dropped in sink…

  26. used speakerphone to play music in the shower nearby. steam got into the phone and caused water damage

  27. Becky VanGinkel says:

    My fiance is a Lineman and borrowed my phone for a day because he broke his… he was up in his bucket and dropped my cell phone onto the sidewalk about 30 feet below and shattered it, and of course, I had no insurance 🙁

  28. Jill Myrick says:

    The worst that has happened to my phone is that my son dropped it into a glass of Mountain Dew.


  29. Birdiebee says:

    Grandchild dropped it in the toilet.

  30. I try to be very careful with my phone and so far the worst is that I dropped on the kitchen floor. No damage, but I sure worried for a while.

  31. My new phone is doing OK so far (fingers crossed!) but I did lean over with a prior one and it fell out of my pocket and ended up on the bottom of a pool.

  32. I dropped my phone once going into a store and before I could pick it up someone opened the door and the door crushed my phone into little pieces

  33. I dropped it in the commode while I was riding on a train. Thank you

  34. Anne Perry says:

    I once dropped my phone on concrete while exiting the car. The screen was shattered.

  35. I dropped my phone in the coffee cup while driving 🙁

  36. I dropped it in a puddle when it was raining and it broke open!

  37. Adam Marks says:

    I dropped my phone is a pint of beer!

  38. The worst thing is I drop it all the time and have to replace the screen ..I need an otterbox

  39. Hmmmmm….worse thing that’s happened to my phone….I’ve had several equally terrible things happen to my phone….I’ve dropped one in a big 75 gallon fish aquarium…..I dropped one in the TOLIET. YUCK. I washed one in the washing machine, but I managed the save the phone in those circumstances with some careful drying, etc…. Probably the worst was when I had my hands full and no pockets so sat my phone in top of my car and drove off…..needless to say I realized it just minutes later BUT turned around to see if I could find it and it must have been a BIG truck that got my phone cause I found it in so many pieces. I found pieces of the case, the battery all mangled and part of the back of the phone….it had been destroyed completely…. Another phone, my step daughters got chewed on fairly bad by out rescue pit bull but actually still worked afterwards…. But I would be soooooooo. Thrilled to win this case as I have lost a phone to water damage before and more than anything the most common accident I seem to have with phones is dropping them in water….sometimes it’s quick and just results in a simple dry off, like dropping in sink, but other times it’s a bit more difficult like dropping it in the bottom of my big fish tank where I couldn’t easily reach in and grab it, or dropping it in our koi pond….or even dropping one off the side of our boat…..so I could definitely use this case and my hubby would be thrilled for me to win it cause it would save so much trouble with me and my phone and water! Lol. Thanks for the Chsnce to win .

    1. Oh….and the worst thing that’s happened to my step daughters phone….she broke BOTH the front glass and back glass on her iPhone in one day…. My hubby, the worst thing that’s happened to his is when he was out in the woods and he slipped and fell in a creek in the dark and his phone went with him….he had to hunt for it for a couple hours and it took months for the moisture to completely dry out inside the screen of the phone…..

  40. Lily Kwan says:

    I dropped my phone but luckily it wasn’t damaged.

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