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Wow, It’s Nice to FINALLY Meet Me

At thirty-two years old, I finally feel like I am getting to know myself. My real self. I’ve spent so much time letting my surroundings dictate what I believe to be me, often feeling ashamed of the times when ‘real me’ snuck out to make an appearance. A lot of this self discovery has been happening just because I think it’s the nature of growing up. But an enormous epiphany happened after taking a personality test and then reading an article about what stresses that type out. EVERYONE MUST TAKE THIS TEST AND READ THIS ARTICLE.

It was nice to FINALLY meet me! This test made me feel so much better about all my quirks!

Step ONE

Take this test. It’s free and only takes like 10 minutes.

Step TWO

Read this article on what stresses your personality type out and what helps you in these times.


These things are spot on! I’ve made everyone I know take that test and read that article. Every single person was blown away with their accuracy.

So what?

Well, identifying certain things about myself that are clearly just inherently me, has helped me understand and love myself. Clearly there are plenty of other humans on the planet with these traits, so I must not be a freak of nature deserving shame after all. (You can even see which celebrities share your personality!)

Why is this so important?

Aside from the obvious–of you know, not hating yourself–Jen and I both watch and listen to super successful people talk about how they got to where they are and they ALL say, “you have to know yourself and be you” in order to find success.

This legitimately helped me find my place in the world and love myself. Everyone should take this personality test!

Who Am I?

I am an INFP. More specifically, I am what you see in the photo above. Those are my exact results. That site allows you to dig deeper into each personality type and mine is, as expected, totally accurate. “INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder… INFPs have the ability to see the good in almost anyone or anything.” Um, yeah. I have the latter almost to a fault.

After reading the article about stressors, I was able to identify–what you would think would be painfully obvious, but IS NOT–exactly what stresses me out. I mean, pinpointing the precise stuff that tweaks my day into oblivion. Of course, many of these things are just part of life and cannot be avoided. But, this has allowed me to say, ‘hey, I need to take a minute and just freaking color in my coloring book’ and not feel like a childish brat. Doing something simple and creative is exactly what my mind needs to regroup, relax, and get back into a good flow. This is exponentially helpful with my creative process.

Back to the professional world. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses has totally helped me be way more productive and allows Jen and I to play on each other’s strengths. Speaking of…

Here’s Jen…

Here's Jen - INTJ Personality type


If you compare what stresses me out with Jen’s personality and visa versa we are each other’s worst nightmares. And we can both agree that at times this puts a super strain on our relationship because we obviously work together running this blog. However, having identified and simplified these traits/stressors, we are now able to communicate more effectively and not drive each other as crazy.

INTJ Personality - what stresses us out

We may stress each other out, but we make a great team. I have strengths where she has weaknesses and the same for the reverse. In business this is totally ideal. It makes perfect sense that big businesses have their employees take these kinds of personality tests so that they are placed in the most efficient position within the team/company.

Why on earth isn’t this stuff taught in schools?! It’s literally like the handbook on people skills!

If you are really struggling and feel like you just need someone to listen, you can talk to counselors online. We are in the process of trying to find the best online therapy platform. It’s all done over the phone! Perfect for us introverts!

Who are you?

Take the test and let us know! We’d love to hear all about what you’ve learned about yourself.

ellen beck

Saturday 1st of July 2017

I am closer to Jens results I think at least today. I tend to be an introvert by nature. It goes deeper than that but thats the way it is. I found this interesting and enlightening.

Sarah L

Tuesday 27th of September 2016

Interesting. I took the test many years ago and was INTP. Today I took this test and came out INTJ. I have to agree with the stressors for both.


Tuesday 27th of September 2016

Same as me! :) I wondered the same about myself. I bet if I took this 10+ years ago it would have been WAY different!

Christina Gould

Tuesday 27th of September 2016

This sounds like the old Myers-Briggs personality test that has been used in corporations for decades. Funny thing is, each time I take the test (every 10 years or so), I get a different personality type in my results. LOL, and they say that people never change. Anyway, I love Carl Jung. He was very enlightened, IMO. Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 27th of September 2016

I believe it is an abbreviated version of Myers-Briggs. I could be wrong though. I didn't know corporations used it!! That's very smart!