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The Best All Inclusive Resorts in Mexico – Hotel XCaret

Out of all the all inclusive resorts in Mexico I’ve had the privilege of experiencing, Hotel XCaret is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to grasp, even when standing in the middle of it. It’s breathtakingly beautiful–like you’ve set foot into a fantasy realm.

The sounds of macaws nearby have you believing you’re on set for the next Jurassic Park film. The impossibly blue water is natural–and yes, you can swim in it. This Eden is overflowing with detail, luxury, and activities.

Guests even receive access to ALL the XCaret parks! This sneak peek is brought to you by Xcaret Parks. I attended an all-expenses-paid press junket. All thoughts are my own.

Hammock on the balcony of Hotel XCaret.

All Inclusive Resorts in Mexico

When you think all inclusive, food and drinks come to mind, right? Well, Hotel XCaret is next level. In addition to what’s probably going to be the best meals and cocktails you’ll ever consume, your admission to ALL the XCaret Parks is also included.

If you’re not familiar, this means you have full access to XCaret, XPlor, Xenses, Xel-Ha, Xenotes, Xichen, and Xoximilco! I’ll be going into more detail about each of these magical places in other posts, but please just take note, this value is unheard of!

Gorgeous grounds of Hotel XCaret.

Take a peak at the property for yourself by watching my video:

The Food

Restaurant at Hotel XCaret.

We visited the property while it was still under construction, so we weren’t able to sample any food. But we did see the kitchen and dining setup. It’s called The Market (pictured above) and offers farm-to-table meals with family-style dining where you can meet new friends or snag a private table on the other side of the room.

Table and door at Hotel XCaret.

Across the way, through a magically ornate door is a stunning Asian restaurant. The sculptures on the ceiling are meant to be viewed in the reflection on the marble floor–it’s a boat approaching an island! So cool! Watch my Snap story to see a clip:

I apologize for the lack of quality in this video. It’s choppy and vertical. Ugh. But hopefully, you get the idea. 🙂

The Water

Bright blue water around Hotel XCaret.

I think I asked three different times if that blue was real. I couldn’t fathom how a color so vibrant wasn’t from the use of dye or something. But it’s real. The minerals in that area mix with the brackish water and that’s the exquisite result.

This cove will be for swimming and kayaking. Do you see those little caves across the way? You’ll be able to relax in a hammock or have a private dinner in those!

Ocean view and balcony at Hotel XCaret.

For Kids

Hotel XCaret truly offers something for every age group and lifestyle. For those of us with kids, they’ve got a Kid’s Club, Teens Club and babysitting services available for an additional fee.

The kids’ pools has lifeguards on duty, and if you chose a swim-up room, you can watch from the comfort of your own room. Watch my Snap story above to see more.

Kid's club at Hotel XCaret.

The Teen’s Club has a snack truck, mini movie theater, giant net hammock, rock pillows, and tons of fun stuff for the older kids. I can’t wait to go back and see it completed.

Hotel XCaret.

The Rooms

Again, check out the video above for a full walk-through, but I cannot express how amazing every detail is in each room. All decor is sourced from local artisans, and the lamps are even made by inmates at the Cancun prison.

This place is stimulating the economy, helping rehab the community, and paying close attention to its natural surroundings. They even build AROUND the trees whenever possible.

A tree growing inside the building.

And if you want an ocean view, have you ever seen anything so perfect? I’ve done my fair share of traveling to tropical places, and this is a view I am having a hard time topping.

Little island in the ocean.

I mean, I could just stay in that hammock for a week. Paradise is everywhere; you don’t even have to leave your room.

Ocean view from Hotel XCaret.

If you’re looking for the best all inclusive family resorts in Mexico, look no further. Hotel XCaret cannot be beaten.

Book your rooms now!

Out of all the hotels near XCaret Park, none offer access to all the parks included in the price. This is seriously HUGE.

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What occasion would you love to spend at Hotel XCaret? Honeymoon? Relaxing vacation? Adventure tour? Family travel? All of the above?

Deb E

Monday 27th of August 2018

One of the exercise programs I follow, Classical Stretch, is sponsored by a Mexican Resort and I love seeing their beautiful and scenic pictures as I work out. I'd like to vacation there on an adventure tour with friends or my sister.

Nidhi Chauhan

Thursday 16th of August 2018

What a fun and affordable getaway! We can't wait to visit Mexico.

sheila ressel

Thursday 29th of March 2018

What a gorgeous place! I've never been to Mexico but it's definitely on my bucket list - along with staying at this beautiful resort!

Tammy Smith

Monday 5th of March 2018

OMG thats beautiful I've been to Mexico once when I was a child Matamoros its a border town I hope to one day be able to experience this part of Mexico It truly is beautiful


Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

Our favorite way to travel is with the kids, so knowing that this resort is so family friendly puts it high on our list of places to experience. I love all-inclusive resorts so I can show up and not have to think until we leave.