Best Smartphone Accessories to Give as Phone Gifts

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If you’re on the lookout for the ultimate phone gifts, we’ve got you. Shelley and I have created a handpicked selection of the best smartphone accessories that are sure to be a hit with any tech lover.

Whether they’re die-hard Android fans or iPhone enthusiasts, this guide has got you covered with tech gifts that suit any and all mobile devices. And if you’re in the dark about their phone type, we’ve got you with versatile picks that are universally awesome. This post contains affiliate links.

Shelley taking a picture with a cell phone at an event.

Blogging On The Go: Our Essential Phone Accessories

Shelley and I, as bloggers constantly on the move, know the struggle of staying connected while creating content on the go. Our cell phones are our lifelines, not just for calls but for capturing those impromptu moments of inspiration.

That’s why we’re always equipped with our trusty texting gloves, portable chargers, and travel tripods among other must-have accessories. They’re not just add-ons; they’re essentials that keep us powered up, ready to snap, type, and share without missing a beat.

Whether we’re jotting down ideas or snapping the perfect shot for our next post, these tools ensure our phones are much more than just gadgets—they’re our mobile offices.

Glider Gloves on a phone while using a finger wearing the gloves.

Never Miss a Message

Glider Gloves are the ideal gifts for those who can’t part with their phones, even when the chill sets in. Imagine you’re out in the frosty air, and there’s an Instagram-worthy scene before you. But oh no, regular gloves are a no-go for swiping!

You definitely wouldn’t want to risk frostbite just to capture that epic shot, right? And let’s not even talk about those Snapchat selfie opportunities that are too good to pass up, no matter how nippy it gets.

Plus, when you’re trying to spot your bestie in a crowd at the light festival, you can’t afford to miss their text. Glider Gloves to the rescue—keeping fingers toasty while you keep up with every ping, buzz, and ring.

Winter Touch Screen Gloves
$19.99 $13.99

Glider Gloves: Warmth at Your Fingertips

  • Material Magic: A blend of Nylon, Acrylic, Copper, and Spandex for stretchy warmth.
  • Touch Screen Friendly: Full hand and 10-finger touch responsiveness for effortless screen use.
  • Snug Comfort: Soft lining with a lightweight fit, perfect for any winter activity.
  • Stay-Grip Palm: Anti-slip grip keeps your phone secure, no matter the weather.
  • Quality Promise: Satisfaction guaranteed with a 30-day exchange and 2-year defect warranty.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/04/2023 01:53 pm GMT

Glider Gloves are the answer to all my silly questions. As content creators, we will risk all elements to stay functional on our phones. Same goes for most people these days regardless if it’s for work or fun.

A Phone Is an Accessory

Knowing the right phone your gift recipient rocks can open up a world of gifting possibilities. Custom phone cases are not just protective; they’re a statement piece.

The array of designs is staggering—think of the best sellers that turn heads, like pretty pineapples, unique unicorns, and even those inspired by baddie bosses.

For the Disney lovers and those enchanted by the allure of magical mermaids, there’s a treasure trove of options. And for a touch of personal flair, why not create a custom phone case?

Use a favorite piece of artwork or a cherished image to make a truly one-of-a-kind gift. It’s not just a phone case; it’s a piece of their personality, wrapped around their most used tech accessory.

Three designs that could be used on phone cases.

Skip pretty and go for waterproof or heavy-duty phone cases if you know your person is accident-prone, travels a lot, or has a labor-intensive job.

Magnetic Ostand for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
$43.99 $35.99

iPhone 15 Pro Max Case: Multifunctional Elegance

  • Innovative Ostand Design: Magnet, ring, and stand all in one for grip, mount, and charge.
  • Crystal Clear Durability: Stain-resistant and anti-yellowing for lasting clarity.
  • Magnetic Versatility: Instant attach for wireless charging and adjustable viewing.
  • Military-Grade Protection: Tough Polycarbonate, TPU, and airbag design for ultimate safety.
  • Wireless Charging Ready: Fully compatible with iPhone 15 Pro Max and supports wireless charging.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/04/2023 02:07 pm GMT

Power Up On the Go

For the smartphone enthusiast, a portable charger is a lifeline. It’s the unsung hero in a day packed with calls, texts, and endless scrolling. Trust me, you really can’t have too many phone chargers.

These compact powerhouses are a game-changer, ensuring you’re never tethered to a wall socket. They’re an absolute must-have, especially for teens on the move or anyone who’s part of the social whirl. Because let’s face it, there’s always someone in the group who’ll need a quick battery boost.

Portable Charger with Built in Cables

All-in-One Slim Portable Charger

  • Built-In Cables: Comes with 4 integrated cables for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and USB-C devices.
  • Charge Multiple Devices: 6 outputs and 3 inputs allow charging up to 6 devices simultaneously.
  • Ultra-Portable: Slim design, lightweight at just 0.53lb, with a digital LED display for battery tracking.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with all popular smartphones and tablets.
  • Peace of Mind: Includes a power bank, user manual, pouch, 18-month warranty, and lifetime support.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/04/2023 02:14 pm GMT

Streamline Your Charge

Declutter with the Accell Wireless Power Block Mini, the compact charging station that’s big on power. It’s the ideal tech gift for anyone looking to charge their devices wirelessly and keep their space neat. Perfect for a quick charge at home or in the office, it’s the small but mighty hero for your charging needs.

Accell Power Block Mini on a desk.

Stand and Deliver

Our phones have evolved into pocket-sized powerhouses, perfect for binge-watching, streaming the latest series, or catching up on YouTube tutorials.

Unicorn Eating Rainbow PopSockets

Magical Unicorn PopSocket: Prop Up Your Phone with Personality

  • Unique Design: Features our blog's charming unicorn logo, perfect for those who adore a touch of magic.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for watching videos or going hands-free with FaceTime and Skype.
  • Swappable PopTop: Easily change designs or remove for wireless charging.
  • Reliable Adhesive: Sticks to most cases and devices for a secure grip.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/09/2023 02:01 pm GMT

Gifting a nifty PopSocket or a sturdy Gooseneck Mount or similar phone holders can transform any phone into a mini theater. These little gadgets are the perfect tech gift ideas for the avid phone user in your life, making it a breeze to watch, chat, and play hands-free.

Gooseneck Mount Phone Holder
$29.99 $25.99

Gooseneck Phone Holder: Stability Meets Flexibility

  • Enhanced Design: Upgraded for superior stability and durability to hold your phone steady.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for hands-free Netflix binges, FaceTime chats, reading recipes, or selfie sessions.
  • Easy Installation: Clamps securely to surfaces up to 2.36 inches with a non-slip base.
  • Sturdy & Flexible: Made with high-quality Aluminum-magnesium alloy for a strong yet bendable arm.
  • Wide Compatibility: Fits 4-7'' smartphones, including the latest iPhone and Galaxy models.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/04/2023 02:26 pm GMT

They’re the kind of cool android accessories and iPhone enhancements that make you wonder how you ever managed without them.

Capture Moments on the Move

The rise of vlogging has everyone wanting to document their journey, making a portable dash mount a thoughtful gift.

Safety comes first, so while we don’t encourage filming on the fly, a car mount is perfect for those moments when you’re safely parked and want to capture your thoughts or surroundings.

It’s a smart way to keep the phone steady and your hands free, whether you’re sharing a story at a stoplight or setting the scene in a parking spot.

Phone Mount for Car Phone Holder
$12.98 $9.99

Secure Grip Car Phone Mount

  • Firm Vent Attachment: Metal hook with protective layer for a scratch-free, tight hold on both horizontal and vertical vents.
  • Stable & Safe: Upgraded silicone grips keep your phone secure for distraction-free driving.
  • Universal Fit: Accommodates 4.0-7.1 inch phones and thick cases, ideal for GPS and all drivers.
  • Effortless Setup: Quick to install with a simple knob twist and one-handed quick release button.
  • Flexible Viewing: 360-degree swivel head for perfect angle adjustment in any direction.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/04/2023 02:30 pm GMT

Snap and Stand: The Selfie Stick-Tripod Hybrid

For the TikTokers, Instagrammers, and every content creator in between, the selfie stick that doubles as a tripod is a revelation. It’s the Swiss Army knife of phone accessories—compact enough to slide into a backpack, yet versatile enough to set the stage for that perfect shot, anytime, anywhere.

This nifty gadget is a content creator’s best friend, allowing for hands-free recording, perfect-angle selfies, and stable video capture. It’s the right gift for those who document their lives and share their stories on the go. With this in their arsenal, they’re always ready to capture the moment, whether it’s a spontaneous vlog or a planned production. This is the exact tripod-stick combo that I use, and I’m obsessed with it.

60" Selfie Stick Tripod

Versatile Selfie Stick-Tripod Combo

  • Extended Reach: Telescopic pole extends up to 60 inches for wide-angle shots.
  • Sturdy Tripod Base: A 10.6'' base with non-slip pads ensures stability.
  • One-Piece Convenience: Retracts to 12.8” for easy storage and travel, with an ergonomic handle.
  • 360° Rotation: Find your perfect shot with a fully rotating head.
  • Universal Fit: Compatible with iOS and Android phones, including the latest models.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from premium aluminum alloy for longevity.
  • Bluetooth Remote: Includes a remote shutter for effortless snaps.
  • Patented Design: Enjoy a unique, patented product with a 3-year warranty.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/04/2023 02:55 pm GMT

Brighten Up Your Content

Lighting can make or break any content creator’s visual masterpiece. That’s where a nifty clamp-on light for your phone comes into play.

This brilliant little gadget is a content creator’s dream, casting the perfect glow for videos and selfies, ensuring they look professional and engaging. It’s a thoughtful gift that sheds the right light, making it a must-have for any aspiring influencer or video blogger.

Twinkle Star 96 LED Phone Light
$19.99 $17.99

Twinkle Star Selfie Light: Illuminate Your Creativity

  • Versatile Lighting: 96 LED lights with adjustable warmth (3000K-7000K) for flawless photos.
  • Easy Clip-On: Attaches to phones, tablets, laptops, or cameras, plus a tripod stand for added versatility.
  • Compact & Portable: Small enough to fit in your pocket, perfect for on-the-go content creators.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Up to 4 hours of use on a single charge with a 2000mAh battery.
  • Complete Kit: Includes light, tripod, clip stand, charging cable, and manual with a 12-month service guarantee.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/05/2023 02:30 am GMT

Gift Cards: The Ultimate Flexible Present

In a world where a new phone can feel outdated in a blink, gift cards become the evergreen present. They’re the perfect plus-one to a new phone, offering the freedom to choose from a galaxy of cases, the hottest mobile games, or even an upgrade to their favorite apps.

Whether they’re Android aficionados or iPhone devotees, a gift card puts them in the driver’s seat. It’s a thoughtful way to contribute to their next big tech purchase or to fuel their gaming passion. So, if you’re unsure about the specifics, go for a gift card. It’s the one-size-fits-all wonder that keeps on giving!

Phones: More Than Just Calls

Remember when phones were just for calls? Those days are long gone. Now, our phones are our portals to the world, and the innovations that accompany them are as endless as they are ingenious.

When it comes to gifting, the best smartphone accessories can make all the difference, enhancing every swipe, tap, and scroll. Here are some of our top picks that won’t break the bank but will surely make a world of difference to the smartphone connoisseurs in your life.

Pin this image to your gift ideas board to save and share!

Texting gloves on a phone with text overlay.

If you’re on the hunt for even more gift inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out our curated list of best gifts for fifth grade girls, perfect for that special tween in your life. For the young men stepping into high school, our gift ideas for freshman boys are teen-approved. And for those who shiver at the slightest breeze, our selection of gifts for someone who is always cold will wrap them in warmth and comfort.

What would you add to our list of best smartphone accessories to give as the perfect gifts? 

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  1. These look neat! I love that I can still use my phone when in the cold! I’ve tried other phone friendly gloves but they weren’t very warm!

  2. i love all of these gadgets because there are many things family friends can use. i ennjoy the carholder because so versatile.

  3. All of these gadgets are great and we would get lots of use out of the portable charger and as rough as my kids are with phones they really need waterproof and heavy duty phone cases.

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