How to Choose the Right Dove Body Wash for Your Skin

Dove body wash is highly recommended by many people, but how do you know which variety to choose? You can’t really go wrong when choosing a Dove body wash. However, you can improve your skin immensely by choosing the one made for your skin type. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

How to Choose the Right Dove Body Wash for Your Skin

If I ask the majority of women I know what type of body cleansers they use, there will be an overwhelming amount of them that say, “Dove body wash.” Some use the Dove White Bar on their entire body; others swear by Dove body washes. Personally, I prefer a body wash over bar soap most of the time, but I also like to switch up my routine.

How to Choose the Right Dove Body Wash for Your Skin

How do you know which Dove body wash to try first? Here are some tips:

Visit– The easiest way to determine which body wash is for you is to visit They currently have a product suggestion area based on your skin type. Simply choose from dry, normal, dull, or sensitive to see which product is recommended.

Scent – Of course, there’s more to deciding on a body wash than just skin type. What’s your scent preference? Do you like a lingering fragrance on your skin, or do you prefer non-scented? Personally, I love when a light scent is left on my skin after a shower. The subtle aroma is just enough for me since I do not like to wear heavy perfumes. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so it’s best to try them all to see which one you like best.

Texture – My preference in body wash texture changes throughout the seasons. In the cold winter, I like a rich, creamy later to soothe my dry skin. As the weather warms up, I like to slough the dead skin cells off with exfoliation beads.

Instant Gratification – If you want to see how well a product works right away, you can’t go wrong with Dove. You can tell the difference after one wash. As soon as I use Dove body wash, my skin feels smoother, cleaner, and smells glorious.

Great for Everyone – If my hubby runs out of his manly-man soap, he will reach for my Dove body wash with no complaints. In fact, I noticed him using it even when he wasn’t out of his soap. I think he finally realizes that I figured out how to get the smoothest skin. 😉

Try It – The best way to determine the best body wash for your skin is to try it yourself! I have 30 bottles to give away to my readers. If you want a sample, fill out this form (embedded below, or use link). Thirty people will get a surprise bottle at their doorstep. Visit here first to see which Dove body wash is right for your skin type. Then fill out the form below and cross your fingers!

*** Form Closed *** Watch your mailbox to see if you were one of the 30 people. 🙂

Share your own experience with Dove body wash using the hashtag #YourDoveWM.

How to Choose the Right Dove Body Wash for Your Skin

Which Dove body wash do you love most? 

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  1. I need something better than what I have now. My skin is SO dry! I am going to try Dove and see how well it works for me!

  2. We use Dove products all the time at our house. They are so great for your skin and definitely fit our budget.

  3. I love Dove body wash! It does an amazing job moisturizing my skin especially after the dry weather of winter.

  4. I’m the same as you – my preference changes with the seasons! I like a scrubbier one during the Summer, when I sweat a lot, and something softer for the Winter.

  5. I tend to go for the Dove Sensitive Skin. If my skins really dry, I’ll go for the moisturizing wash!

  6. I absolutely love using my Dove products! What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  7. I love Dove products in general. I like using Dove for Sensitive Skin even though I have tried the different scents. I prefer a mild scent overall.

  8. Dove never seems to disappoint. It’s our go to product for body wash, shampoos etc. I also love the scents!

  9. Absolutely love Dove body wash! (And so does my husband!) I like buying the huge bottle that comes with the pump and we STILL go through it quickly!

  10. I have been using Dove body wash for a year now. My skin is so soft and did not get dry this winter.

  11. Everyone in our family uses Dove and we love it! It’s so simple and perfect for sensitive skin!

  12. I love Dove and use it all the time. This is definitely one of those times when I would choose the Deep Moisture. These seasonal changes have my skin SO dry!

  13. I absolutely LOVE Dove products! My fingers are crossed I’m one of the lucky 30 people because I can use some more body wash. I think I would benefit from the gentle exfoliating body wash 🙂

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