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Christmas Cards, Seriously

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As a young mom I tried to do my best to make every holiday memorable for the whole family. Sending personalized Christmas cards is a great way to go about it…

Unless, you have my luck.

Miserable Christmas

After about an hour in the cold and 78 pics, this was what I ended up going with. Yeah, I opted for sincere emotion… Oddly, the fam loved it. I received several calls with chuckles and laughter. After all, what parent hasn’t gone through a photo-shoot fail?

The following year, I felt like I was getting better…

Christmas Card

I could’ve gone with this one of them dressed in every hand-me-down in the closet…

poor kids

Poor kids.

This year, I think I’m just going to stop trying. Or…

After seeing some of these…

Just go with it!

Funny Baby Picture
ugly lips
Ugly Lips
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