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Christmas Cards, Seriously

As a young mom I tried to do my best to make every holiday memorable for the whole family. Sending personalized Christmas cards is a great way to go about it…

Unless, you have my luck.

Miserable Christmas

After about an hour in the cold and 78 pics, this was what I ended up going with. Yeah, I opted for sincere emotion… Oddly, the fam loved it. I received several calls with chuckles and laughter. After all, what parent hasn’t gone through a photo-shoot fail?

The following year, I felt like I was getting better…

Christmas Card

I could’ve gone with this one of them dressed in every hand-me-down in the closet…

poor kids

Poor kids.

This year, I think I’m just going to stop trying. Or…

After seeing some of these…

Just go with it!

Amanda N.

Friday 2nd of December 2011

LOL That cracks me up! And bah! pictures don't have to be perfect. I love sending Christmas cards (I tried a Christmas letter with included photo the first year, but let's be real--that ain't happenin' with a toddler in the house). My parents never sent them, so I'm not sure why, but I just love it! I don't even attempt to do a special photo shoot, though. I just pick the cutest picture I can find (or best family photo, if one's available--oddly, I'm missing from most of our pictures. hmm...) that was taken as recently as possible and pop that in there. This year's was a picture of my son from our Ren Faire trip in early August. Green foliage and all! Last year's was a family photo from late September's trip to the apple orchard. No one's complained yet! :-D

Sophie S

Wednesday 30th of November 2011

Those are both cute pics of the kids. My mom gave up on the group pictures by the time we were 9 strong.

Betty Morgan

Wednesday 30th of November 2011

I love this! Made me smile!!!


Tuesday 29th of November 2011

LMAO - love it. My 4 year old refuses to smile for pictures!!! Those are great.

Kara Schnulle

Tuesday 29th of November 2011

This is hilarious! This is my first year making a Christmas card with my fiancee, and I took tons of pictures trying to get the right one. Don't give up on it, I ended up using past pictures mixed with a new one. They'll turn out great, please post what you use if you do.