Clean House Shortcuts when you Have Multiple Pets

Keeping a clean house when you have multiple pets is quite the challenge. It can be difficult for anyone to keep up with housework, but ever since we added our third dog, getting that clean smell is more challenging than ever. This is a sponsored post with Acorn, but all opinions are my own.

A candle on a mantle.

It’s crazy when Mike and I both team up and clean the house like nuts, and still find ourselves noticing that “dog smell”. Over time, I’ve found the major contributors to this “dog smell”. In fact, now that I know the main culprits, I can use them as shortcuts for a quick fix when needed. With the holiday season here, you never know when someone might stop by. It’s horrifying when a visitor comes by and you imagine them getting a whiff of zoo instead of clean house.

Cleaning Shortcuts when you Have Three Dogs

Give your pets a bath

If your pets are smelling a little funky, they aren’t helping with the overall scent of your home. Give them a bath to ensure they are smelling fresh when people stop by.

Here are some tips to give less stressful dog baths if yours prefer to stay stinky.

Boston terrier pug mix dog sitting on a rug.

Clean pet beds and rugs

Where do your pets hang out most often? Ours have pet beds and a few rugs that they lay on. The rug by the door is the worst. It absorbs all the gross pet smells and needs to be cleaned or replaced frequently. It’s amazing how that one rug can make the whole house smell like dog.

Boston terrier pug mix dog curled up sleeping.

Toss old toys

If you have any stuffed dog toys lying around, you might want to give them a careful sniff. If our stuffed pet toys make it past a week or so, they can get a little rancid. Since the dogs like to lick, suck, and drag them around, they can get extremely smelly.

Eliminate fur

Obviously, try to get as much dog fur up as possible. Our Hilo sheds so much that it causes tumbleweeds of fur to waft on by carrying their own dog smell with them. A good sweeping before people stop over helps the house smell cleaner.

Candles and Air Wicks packages.

Air care products

We are frequent shoppers in the Walmart air care aisle. There are many air fresheners out there to help control odors and aide you on your #SmellsClean mission. It’s fun to shop for the different scents.

Right now there are holiday scents that can make your house feel more festive, too. With so many choices, it’s easy to find products that match your taste and your decor. Make sure to refill your plug-ins and light some candles before guests arrive.

Air Wick plugin.

Check behind furniture

Maybe this just applies to us since we are still training a puppy, but there’s been a few surprises when cleaning behind furniture. This little Franklin is not house broken yet, and he likes to mix it up when it comes to going potty. Even with our eyes on him most of the day, he still manages to sneak off and plant a surprise somewhere.

During this busy time of year, it’s even easier to let simple chores slide on by. I am all about the shortcuts when it comes to keeping a clean house. Let’s save the deep cleaning for the new year, okay? 😉

Do you use any air care scents to help with a clean house smell? Have any shortcuts to share with us?

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  1. I find that Air Wick works great! We have two dogs and multiple cats, so keeping the house smelling fresh is always important!

  2. We have one dog and although we take him to the groomers regularly, I always try to keep the house smelling good with something like Air Wick… we are noseblind to the smells in our home, so I don’t want other people coming in and smelling dog. 🙂

  3. Checking behind furniture is a big one. We only have one pet, but he loses stuff behind the couch all the time.

  4. Candles and air fresheners are my two big secret weapons for keeping the house smelling cleaner than it actually is. =D

  5. No real shortcuts per se, but I like regularly lighting incense and scented candles, makes the home more inviting and welcoming, I do it year round, but it’s fun to mix up scents for the holiday season!

  6. I don’t have any pets currently. I’d imagine candles and air fresheners would come in handy quite often though!

  7. I love this! My secret weapons are candles people are shocjed I have so many kids and pets and a beautifully smelling home!

  8. Giving the pets a bath is definitely a great bath Our cats keep themselves pretty clean but the dogs can get smelly!

  9. I have 3 dogs and they do make the house stinky! I need to go toss those old toys. We have some from last Christmas that are looking and smelling pretty terrible.

  10. I have used that plugin in our living room. For the holidays, we love using those cinnamon scented pine cones to mask any odors that our golden retriever causes!

  11. No pets any more but those are great tips. I use essential oils since I’m allergic to standard air fresheners.

  12. I’ve used the Cranberry Ice scent before and I really loved it from that time on. Now it’s a regular in our house!

  13. Totally love your clean house tips with pets. We have them too. They are all great tips and we do the same thing checking behind furniture and cleaning up fur.

  14. Airwick products smell so good. I love to have candles burning all the time to help with the smells in the house.

  15. For a very clean and not perfumed scent I use clean linen or linen fresh. Anything with linen in the name has a clean freshly done laundry scent that I love.

  16. We have a kitty, so baths aren’t an option, but he gets brushed a few times a week in an effort to keep those fur tumbleweeds under control. It still gets pretty bad, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  17. I hear you on the pet beds (we have four different ones that rotate) and baths. I even bath the cat occasionally. Air Wick I can’t agree on. I think it just adds another layer without improving anything at all.

  18. I am glad I am not the only multi critter household that struggles with odors. I am always cleaning, washing and scrubbing to get rid of those smells. Nothing has worked 100% but having one of those wax warmers has been a bit of a relief.

  19. I like the Plug in air fresheners because they really get rid of odors. My dog does not like baths, and it is hard to give him a bath in the winter, so cleaning his bed and using air fresheners is the way to go!

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