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Allow your Indoor Cat Outside Fun with Kritter Kondo

I am so pleased to introduce this awesome product to all cat lovers! Kritter Kondo is an outdoor cat enclosure that allows your indoor cats to spend time, safely outside. (can also be used for your pups as well!)

Kritter Kondo comes in different sizes to suit your needs. The Original size is the perfect way to provide a safe and effective method of containing cats and small dogs in your yard, on your patio, while visiting friends, at the park, while camping or at the beach!

Kritter Kondo is also great to take on your pet friendly vacations! It’s like a play yard for your pets!

Kritter Kondo Deluxe

The Deluxe size is great for your yard or balcony and has a sunshade, so your pet has a choice of sun or shade!

Cat looking though the Kritter Kondo

My neighbor “D.” and I both have cats and although mine is both indoor/outdoor, I do sometimes worry about her safety because sometimes other, less friendly cats wander into our yard. “D’s” cat Kekoa is indoor only.

Kekoa has tried to escape many times, and “D” feels bad that he cannot spend time outside with The Lady without running away. We were very excited to get the chance to test out The Kritter Kondo for both The Lady and Kekoa. (Especially Kekoa!)

Gorgeous cat looking up through the outdoor cat run

After checking out the Kritter Kondo and sniffing every inch of it, Kekoa got comfortable pretty fast. We ended up putting his small scratching post, a few toys, food and water in there for him and he felt right at home. He actually spent an hour in the Kritter Kondo the first day! (Kekoa above, bird watching)

Collage of the Kritter Kondo

The Kritter Kondo Deluxe came in its own carrying case with all parts neatly contained. Set up was as simple as unfolding and placing pegs in holes to secure the frame. All and all it was pretty easy, with the exception of a couple of pins that wouldn’t slide into the holes, but this was easily remedied with a few taps from a hammer.

Once we got it all set up we placed the sun shade on top, secured it with the velcro straps and double checked that the front and rear doors were closing securely, we were ready for Kekoa to try it out. As you scan see from the photos above, he loved it!

Kritter Kondo Features:

  • Collapsible pet enclosure
  • Outdoor safe and water-resistant
  • Collapsible shade canopy (attached to Kondo)
  • Very little assembly
  • No stakes for the ground
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Removable double french doors
  • Door on either end for easy access to pet
  • Great for cats and dogs 35lbs and less too
  • Ideal for patios, yards, courtyards and balconies
  • Includes carrying case
  • Set-Up Dimensions: 2’H x 2.5W x 6’L

*please note-As with any outdoor pet product supervision of your pet when in use is recommended. These products are not toys and should not be used by infants or children, for domestic cats & dogs only, not for hybrids, feral, wild animals or pets that chew.

Kritter Kondo is also light weight and portable, we carried it into my back yard so The Lady could try it out also, she wanted me to lay in it with her….

As for Kekoa, he is happily basking in the sun, every chance he gets. >^..^<

Thanks to Kritter Kondo for a fabulous solution for indoor kitties everywhere!!

Kritter Kondo receives two thumbs up for ease of assembly, quality, and usability!

Kritter Kondo can be purchased online.

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Thursday 9th of February 2012

OMC I love the photo of your kitty sitting inside with her paws crossed.... so peaceful!


Monday 6th of February 2012

We have five cats (yeah, we're insane) that are all indoors and I cannot tell you how many times I wish I could just shove them outside like we do the dog when he gets 'cabin fever.' I think I might need to get this for them :)