5 Common Male Health & Wellness Issues

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When it comes to going to the doctor and taking care of themselves, the men in our life are typically the same: they don’t do anything until something is wrong.

Regardless of age, men tend to all be similar. Whether they just do not want to go, or they are embarrassed, this means that many men’s health and wellness issues are being left untreated.

So we have put together a list of common issues men face that you can discuss with the men in your life, to start a dialogue and make sure they seek treatment when needed.

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5 Common Male Health & Wellness Issues I’d Want My Family to Be Aware Of


When experiencing depression, instead of appearing sad, men will often appear angry or aggressive. Again, because society dictates that men are supposed to be strong and not show emotion, many men do not feel comfortable opening up and sharing how they are feeling.

This causes depression in men to go untreated and worsen. Conditioning the men in your life to open up and share more of their feelings can help with this, as can making sure they know it is ok to ask for help.


Men are more likely to develop diabetes than women. With diabetes in particular many people go undiagnosed, especially men who tend to avoid going to the doctor.

This lack of conversation about personal health also means that men will tend to lead a less healthy lifestyle, because they do not know what they should actually be doing to stay healthy, including eating the right foods.

Leaving diabetes undiagnosed can lead to even more serious health complications in the future.

Hair Loss

About a quarter of all men will start losing hair by the age of 30. This does not mean that a quarter of men will definitely go bald, just that they will have less hair.

There are many different reasons why this can happen. It could be genetic, changes in hormone levels, increased stress, or an illness or infection. But there is hope! Hair loss is treatable. There are plenty of topical hair loss solutions that will prevent loss and promote growth. For example, low iron levels can cause hair loss. A home iron IV is a convenient way to restore normal iron levels and prevent further loss.


There are a few reasons why melanoma is more prevalent in men than women. One of which is that men are typically less educated in skin care than women.

Many men do not see the need for sunscreen and are less likely to apply it. Women are also more likely to take even further preventative measures like wearing hats and sunglasses. Another major cause is that men’s skin is different than a woman’s.

These differences, such as more collagen and increased thickness, make men’s skin more sensitive to UV rays.


Everyone is impacted negatively by stress, and it can have serious consequences for men. The most significant is the higher your stress, the more likely you are to develop heart problems.

This is alarming since heart disease, which includes high blood pressure and cholesterol, is the leading cause of death in men. Studies have also shown that men take stress a lot harder.

Because of societal pressure to be strong and solid, they will tend to keep stress bottled up, which is bad for their health, instead of releasing stress in healthy ways.

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