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My Daughter is Learning How to Play Drums and So Much More

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There are individuals and companies that stand apart from the field–their stories always go beyond the common narrative of their industry or profession. The best of them create community and culture around their passions. For Guitar Center, the community of music, musicians, and musicianship is exemplified in their approach to instrument sales, customer service, and music lesson instruction.

Over the years, each time I’ve visited a Guitar Center location–which isn’t difficult when there are over 200 locations, nationally–I’ve always taken comfort in knowing I’m amongst the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the industry.

So, when my music-obsessed daughter expressed interest in learning how to play drums, I knew the experts at Guitar Center were going to turn her interest into passion. We have not been disappointed. This post has been sponsored by The Motherhood and Guitar Center. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Daughter is Learning How to Play Drums.

It’s A “Chesney Thing”

The hands of my daughter, Chesney, have been a source of conversation since she was very young. Whenever excited, both of her hands would twist and shake. I was genuinely worried and asked her doctor if this was a symptom of something medical. Because Ches had been on target for all other developmental milestones, her doctor assured me that they’d keep an eye on it but, likely, it’s just a “Chesney thing.”

Growing up, Ches became aware of her quirky “spirit hands,” as we’d often call them. Although, it’s never caused her to be self-conscious–she even owns it with a certain amount of pride. I remember one particular day, I was sitting with her and looking outside her bedroom window.

Her curiosity often led to moments of staring and wondering. We began talking about family traits, and she excitedly said, “Yeah! I do this!” as she demonstrated her wildly active hands.

As a teenager, she’s, for the most part, able to control the attention-grabbing movement, but in moments of overwhelming joy, I’ll catch her hands emoting. It always makes me smile because I know she’s very excited and, literally, cannot contain it.

Chesney and Rudy from Guitar Center standing by the drum set.

Learning How to Play Drums

As Ches has grown older, her passion for music has intensified. Her interest made me wonder, as a parent, whether I was doing enough to help her discover self-expression in music. She is a music fan, but clearly craves more from the arts.

Academically, music often provides her the calm to concentrate and create, so this opportunity to engage her in an enrichment program like drum lessons has resulted in remarkable benefits, in a short space of time.

Rudy from Guitar Center showing Chesney sheet music.

Her self-confidence has grown recently, which I directly attribute to the progress she’s made with her Guitar Center instructor, Rudy, whose enthusiasm is positively infectious! The Guitar Center approach to curriculum, which provides instruction by focusing on examples of contemporary music, couldn’t be more perfect for Ches.

Rudy learned of Ches’ love of the Beatles and, in particular, Ringo Starr, so he quickly transferred theory into practice by asking her to try out a Fab Four beat. The expression on her face while replicating a song she’d heard so many times was something I’ll never forget.

Chesney being silly with drumsticks.

Despite being the beginning of summer vacation, which is generally a time for laziness and disconnect, Ches is working with a discipline I’ve only seen in spurts throughout the school year.

While my daughter is a solid student, Guitar Center and Rudy have clearly unlocked something in her that’s been waiting to come out–perhaps those moving hands were just the impatience of wanting to hold drumsticks!

The Perfect Fit

All the musical moments of Ches’ life make perfect sense now. The moment she had those sticks in her hands, the beats started flowing, and her artistic purpose became clear.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner, but I’m so glad Guitar Center has stepped into her life now. She’s been a drummer at heart–and wrist–since infancy!

A drum set in a car with a happy teen wearing a Beatles shirt.

Immediately after the first Guitar Center lesson, we made the easy decision to purchase a drum set, which provides her an opportunity to practice all she’s learning.

She wasted no time breaking a sweat, jamming on her own. Each week, she’s excited to learn from Rudy, and his enthusiasm to teach is just as strong.

Guitar Center and images of drum lessons in a collage.

Be sure to visit your local Guitar Center if you want the best in music lessons!

courtney hennagir

Sunday 18th of November 2018

Thank you so much for this post! My son loves playing the drums in band at school but I know he's dying to play a real kit.I am definitely going to sign him up for lessons at Guitar Center.

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